Any Klahanie resident in good standing who meets the following requirements may join.

  • Must be at least 5 years old and not older than a graduating senior in high school
  • Must be able to swim 25 meters of continuous freestyle and demonstrate minimum proficiency in backstroke.  Swimmers 9 and older must swim 2 lengths of the pool.
  • Must, as a family, be willing to volunteer a total of 40 points (approximately 10 - 12 hours) during the season to help with swim meets, team management or be willing to pay additional fees to cover costs

Volunteer Deposit** - $400 per family:  Each swim family must also agree to a $400 volunteer commitment.  A credit card must be kept on file.  The card on file will be only be charged at the close of the season in the event that family volunteer hours are not satisfied.

Swimmers who are new to the Klahanie Swim Team must attend the swim team tryouts held at a specified time and pool. Swimmers will be asked to show that they can swim 25 meters of continuous freestyle and another stroke in order to meet the minimum swim requirements. Coaches will observe each swimmer and determine whether he or she is ready for swim team.

2022 Parent Handbook

Tips for a successful season

Attend practice
The swim season is a short 10-week commitment. Give your Shark the best opportunity to succeed by getting them to practice each day. Most children don’t have access to swimming year-round. As a result, many swimmers can show dramatic improvement over the course of the season just by coming to practice, increasing their satisfaction and making it even more enjoyable for you to watch your child swim. Practice Schedule click here

Sign up promptly for the meets your child will participate in during the season

Parents of new swimmers should always consult your child's coach to help determine which meets your young swimmer should swim in.  Their stroke proficiency, speed and the needs of the team will dictate whether they swim in 'A' meets or 'B' meets.  Not being competitive or getting disqualified is rarely fun for a swimmer.  The better your swimmer gets, the more chances they will get to swim the different strokes.  Once you know what meets your swimmer should swim in, you can declare for the right meets.

Please refer to the teamunify page that explains how to commit your swimmer to a swim meet.

Arrive at Swim Meets on Time
Swim meets can be a wild experience; so don’t make it more difficult by getting to the meet late. Coaches make final adjustments to the relay teams during the warm-up session after they’ve been able to confirm which swimmers are present. Check the calendar for days and locations. Get directions to away pools.


Your family's first swim meets can be pretty hectic.  Here's one family's breakdown of items that you can bring to make your experience better as well as helpful pieces of information to help you understand what is happening during the meet.

What to bring to a Swim Meet

Also, here's a helpful video that talks about what to expect at your first swim meet.

Get to the Starting Block
The meets move very quickly, so pay attention and get younger Sharks to the starting block at least two events before they swim. The meet won’t wait for your Shark.

Always Encourage Your Shark
Congratulate your swimmer after each race and be sure to cheer for your neighbors. The summer swim season is competitive, but it is more about getting outdoors during the evenings in a picnic-like environment with many of your neighbors and watching your children have fun.