Which meets do you sign up for?

There have been a lot of questions about which meet to sign your child up for. These are the guidelines:

  • Everyone should sign up for all the meets they are available for and the coaches will choose what meet or meets they will attend. Please do not sign up for only Home meets. Not only are the away meets a blast, we need swimmers to participate as well.
  • Please remember to commit your swimmer by the Wednesday before the next week's meets. Example: You must commit your swimmer by tonight at 11pm for the swim meets on 6/14 and 6/16.  You can find out what events your child has been scheduled for on Sunday evenings/Monday mornings. Example: Sunday 6/12 or Monday AM 6/13 events will be posted under your child's name when you click on the meet. 
  • Job sign-ups for the following week's meets typically open up at 7pm on the Wednesday before. Example: Tonight at 7pm job sign-ups will be open for next week's Home meet.  

Instructions on commiting your swimmer and finding events:

  • Go to the home page - lower right hand corner and click on the "Edit Commitment" button for each meet.  
  • Click on your swimmer's name - and then go to the "Declaration" - Click "Yes" or "No Thanks" and save.
  • Recheck each week if your plans have changed.  If you register your swimmer and then he/she fails to show for the meet - it makes the coaches job very difficult and may preclude other swimmers from swimming if your child doesn't show for a relay.  
  • Is you swimmer actually swimming - Check by Sunday night of each week to see if your swimmer has events under their name.  Even one event will show that they are swimming.  Coaches may make modifications prior to the meet so the listed events aren't final until the time of the meet.  

Hopefully this clears up any confusion.