Commit your swimmer, Job sign-ups and tomorrow's meet AT Somerset

Lots of info below:

  • Don't forget to commit your swimmer TODAY for next week's meets.
  • Job sign-ups will open at 7pm tonight

Details for tomorrow's meet at Somerset:

Arrival by 5pm, Warm-ups at 5:15

Staging @ SRC
- They will only be staging 8 unders in our parking lot
- They are staging 3-4 events on the deck behind the blocks
-  Junior coaches will walk relays into staging
Set up @ SRC
- all parents, 8 and 10 unders set up in the parking lot
- 11+ can also set up on the pool deck
- all parents come and go via the side stairs to watch from the upper deck / viewing area 
- all swimmers come and go via the locker rooms / office
Food trucks 
- there will be 1 or 2 but no specific info yet
Parking @ Somerset
- parking is extremely limited so we strongly encourage carpooling if possible
Go Sharks!