Tomorrow's meet and gear pick up

  • Gear pick-up time change for tomorrow: 8:30-9:30 at Mountainview
  • Check your meet events! There were a lot of A meet swimmers so not everyone was put in events

Away meet details @ Mercerwood:

  • Parking is any spot that doesn’t say MSC MEMBER PARKING. There’s also parking at the bottom of the lot down by the beach. 
  • Arrival time  is 5:00. Warm up is from 5:15-5:45.
  • Finn the food truck will be at the club!
  • There is also a vending machine and  the snack bar closes at 6pm

  • Klahanie sets up on the east side of the pool 

Mercerwood is a beautiful facility - it will be a great meet and not 90 degrees!!

Go Sharks!