Giants Game Details

Hey Waterdevils,

For those going to the Giants game on Monday, please read the following...

Getting Your Tickets -- Please email me ([email protected]) and give me an email for a person who will be going that night in your group. The tickets are all digital so I will forward them to you via email. The email you receive will ask you to download the MLB Ballpark App to activate your tickets. You must have your phone with the tickets that night to enter the ballpark.

Paying for Your Tickets -- Ticket cost is $16 per ticket. Please Venmo our treasurer Joe Kirkland (@Joe-Kirkland-3) ASAP to pay for your tickets. In the payment notes, please include your name so Joe makes sure to give you credit for your payment. If you need to call Joe for any reason, use the following number 415-717-6529.

Game Details -- Please arrange your own transportation to and from the game. Also, you should visit the Giants website for clear rules for visiting the ballpark. Bring your phone that has the tickets to enter the game. The game starts at 6:35pm, the gates open at 5:00pm for those who want to go in early. I suggest that for those who want to hang out a bit before the game, let's meet at 5:00 outside Frankie's Java House on the grassy area. It's a short walk to the ballpark from there and lots of food and drink is within walking distance for those who want to eat/drink before entering the ballpark. We have most of a section in the bleachers, so we shouldn't be hard to find for those who are coming later or want to plan their own family fun before the game. Feel free to text/call me if you need to at 415-250-5443. I can also answer questions in person Friday and Saturday as I've been to a lot of games and am familiar with the area around the ballpark.

I'm so excited that we have so many people going, this is going to be really fun. If anyone would still like to add tickets that can be arranged without too much trouble so feel free to email me or reach out using the number above. See you at the pool,

Coach Chris