Waterdevils Mission:

It is the purpose of the Waterdevils Swim Team to promote athletic excellence and to enhance each swimmer’s personal abilities in accordance with each individual’s potential in a safe, friendly environment.



Are you looking for a fun, confidence-building, fitness activity for your child?  
The Marinwood Waterdevils Swim Team is for you!

The Marinwood Waterdevils is a family-oriented, fun and challenging swim team for swimmers 5-18 years old. Co-Head Coaches Chris Case and Kent Morales offer a comprehensive swim program teaching children technique, sportsmanship, team spirit and healthy competition in a safe, friendly environment.  The goal of the team is to engage children in the life-long sport of swimming while teaching them the skills to be an accomplished swimmer and the sportsmanship and camaraderie to be a great teammate.

To introduce younger swimmers (ages 5-8) to the sport the Waterdevils also offer a unique, non-competitive Tadpole Program that operates alongside the Waterdevils Swim Team.  This specialized, limited-enrollment program provides a higher coach-to-swimmer ratio and is a designed to be a stepping stone to the full swim team experience.  The tadpole program is ideal for those children who have only recently moved beyond swim lessons and who are eager to improve their swimming skills, while still being part of a team.