Below is a copy of our Team Policies.  This document is a part of our registration process and it must be checked as having been read and agreed to in order to complete team registration.  If you have completed registration for our team, you have already agreed to this form.


PURPOSE:  It is the purpose of the Waterdevils Swim Team to promote athletic excellence and to enhance each swimmer’s personal abilities in accordance with each individual’s potential in a safe, friendly environment.   In order to achieve this goal and to make our practices, meets and team events run smoothly, parents and swimmers agree to the following policies:

Pool Conduct, Health & Safety Policy:

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times
  • Avoid tardiness
  • Follow the instructions of the coaches and lifeguards at all times
  • Listen quietly and attentively when coaches are talking
  • No running or jumping in the pool area
  • Stay off lane lines, ropes and lifeguard chairs
  • Do not engage in disruptive, disrespectful or discourteous behavior
  • No verbal or physical abuse of others
  • Accept discipline graciously
  • Swimmers are required to wear goggles during practice
  • Swimmers with hair below their chin are required to wear a swim cap during practice
  • DISCIPLINE:  In the event discipline is necessary, appropriate action will be taken. If the problem continues, parents will be contacted to help resolve the issue.  The team reserves the right to suspend a swimmer from practices or meets or to expel a swimmer from the team should it become necessary.

Parent’s Code of Conduct Policy:

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times
  • Be punctual for practice and meets
  • Respect the decisions of the coaches
  • Set a positive example
  • Notify the team promptly if your swimmer is unavailable for a meet
  • Do your share by honoring your volunteer commitments or finding your own replacement

Volunteer Policy:

  • It is each family’s duty to perform the minimum number of volunteer commitments as established by the Board of Directors. Please see Volunteer Obligation tab under Our Swim Team.
  • Once committed, it is each family’s duty to ensure every volunteer commitment is performed completely and in a timely manner.  
  • If a family is unable to fulfill a commitment, it is that family’s responsibility to find a qualified replacement to fulfill the shift and to notify the Volunteer Coordinator of the change.  
  • Upon registration, each family must supply a credit card number to be kept on file in the event of a neglected volunteer commitment. Failure to fulfill volunteer commitments will result in a $100 charge to the credit card on file.  
  • Continued failure to complete volunteer commitment may result in removal of the swimmer.  Matters of removal are at the sole discretion of the Waterdevils Board of Directors.  
  • BUY OUT OPTION:  A family may opt out of their yearly volunteer commitment by paying a $500 buy out fee at registration.  

Refund policy:  

  • 75% refund if swimmer drops out before 3-24-2022. After 3-24-2022 refunds are not available.
  • If a swimmer wishes to discontinue team participation, written notice must be forwarded to the team president.