This year, we are excited to introduce several new clothing and spirit wear items. Some are available from T&B Sports, our long-time swim wear provider, who donates a portion of your purchase back to the team. Other new items will be sold directly by the team on the pool deck. Please see all options below:

Items available from Marinwood Waterdevils
Items are on their way - and we will be selling them soon on the pool deck!

Trucker Hat: New Logo ($20) Trucker Hat: Waterdevil ($20) 2023 Swim Cap Team Sticker ($1) - or-
5" Magnet ($3) 


Adult/Child Grey T-Shirt ($25) Adult/Child Black Sweatshirt ($35) Child Black Sweatpants ($35)


Items available from T&B Sports: (orders now closed)    

Girls Swimsuit Boys Jammer Swim Parka Flannel PJs Adidas Sandals