Awards & Recognition

The Sleepy Hollow Swim Team offers a number of different programs to motivate, recognize, and reward swimmers. 


SLIC stands for Sea Lion Incentive Coin and is a program for our 8 & Under swimmers.

Coaches have SLICs and give them out periodically to swimmers to reward them. Swimmers collect SLICs and use them to purchase fun treats and prizes at the monthly SLIC store.

Look at the Calendar for SLIC Store dates.

Swimmers of the Week

Each week, Mark selects a male and female "Swimmer of the Week" for each practice group. A "Swimmer of the Week" is a swimmer who has demonstrated excellent attitude, effort and sportsmanship during the prior week.

"Swimmers of the Week" earn a special “Swimmer of the Week” patch, a SLIC (for 8 & unders, but not for the 2021 season), and get their pictures taken. Each week, the "Swimmers of the Week" are announced in the weekly team email. Their pictures are also displayed on the team bulletin board at the pool.


Ribbons are awarded to all 12 & Under swimmers in all heats and events. Ribbons have a sticker on the back with the event, time and place.

Ribbons are filed in Ribbons Boxes by a swimmer's last name. The boxes are usually available at the pool by the end of the first practice on the Monday following a swim meet.

Please note that there are no ribbons at the Practice Meet.

Best Time Ribbons

A Best Time ribbon is earned when a 14 & Under swimmer swims a faster time in a particular event than he or she has previously in the same season.

Swimmers collect Best Time ribbons and can then earn stars, which can be sewn onto the back of a sweatshirt.

  • If a swimmer swims 2 individual events in a meet, he or she can earn a star once he or she has earned two Best Time ribbons.

  • If a swimmer swims 3 individual events in a meet, he or she can earn a star once he or she has earned three Best Time ribbons. The ribbons do not have to be earned within one meet and they do not have to be for different events.

When a swimmer collects the correct number of Best Time ribbons, he or she should take the ribbons to a coach and the coach will give him or her a star.


We keep track of a number of different records for the team:

Team Records
The fastest recorded times for each age group (male and femaie) swum at any pool by a team member

Pool Records
The fastest recorded times for each age group (male and femaie) swum at our pool by any MSL swimmer

Top 10 Times
The 10 fastest times in history for each age group (male and femaie), in each event, swum at any pool by a team member 

End of Season Awards

At the end of the season, awards are given out in the following categories at the Championship Dinner held the Sunday after Champs:

High Point Winner
These are the swimmers (1 male and 1 female) who scored the most points in their age group individual events at dual meets.

High Point Runner Up
These are the swimmers (1 male and 1 female) who scored the second most points in their age group individual events at dual meets.

Most Best Times
These are the swimmers (1 male and 1 female) who achieved the most best times over the season for the age group.

Most Inspirational 
Swimmers vote for the Most Inspirational male and female swimmer at the end of the season.

Coach's Award
The coaches pick 1-2 swimmers whom they would like to recognize.

Barbara McGee Award

Almost 50 years ago, Sleepy Hollow resident Barbara McGee decided that a swim team would be a great asset to the community and help promote pool usage. With some pointers from Anne Curtis and the enthusiastic support of Sleepy Hollow parents and kids, Mrs. McGee found a coach and got to work. In 1971 the Sleepy Hollow Swim Club entered the Marin Swim League.  As the plaque at our pool reads, "Thousands of Sea Lions Thank Barbara McGee!"

In honor of Mrs. McGee, we present the Barbara McGee award to a current parent who demonstrates true Sea Lion spirit, a can-do attitude, and dedication to our team.

Dennis Meister Award

The Dennis Meister award goes to a former Sea Lion parent who demonstrates the selflessness and dedication to the Sea Lions exemplified by the late Dennis Meister.  Dennis, father of Sierra, passed away unexpectedly in 1992 at the age of 45.  Other swim team parents remember his intelligence, professionalism, innovation, and unassuming service to the team.  In his many roles as a parent volunteer he consistently embodied what it means to be a Sea Lion: commitment to family and community. 

SHST Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame shares stories about former Sleepy Hollow swimmers who have gone on to excel in college sports, and beyond.