Family Commitment


The Sleepy Hollow Swim Team is a family program!  

When you sign your swimmer(s) up for the team, you are also joining a wonderful family community and committing to help run the swim team

This year, the volunteer assignments will be different but are more important than ever before. In the past, our volunteer requirements were primarily for swim meets but due to the current pandemic restrictions we will also need help at practices in addition to swim meets. Parents also organize and lead the many fun activities we do as a team and we hope to continue to find new and innovative ways to bring our team together during this pandemic. This is what makes our community unique and our team so successful! Most families make life-long friendships and find this experience of working with the team incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Swimmers also greatly appreciate growing up around so many kind, fun, and warm families, all of whom are pouring their hearts into such a great organization and sport!  That said, unlike other recreational sports, swim team is a significant family time commitment and we understand that it might not be for everyone.  Please take this time commitment (described below) into serious consideration before signing your swimmer(s) up for the team.

We expect all families to work this year. Each family will be required to volunteer as a temperature taker/drop-off helper” at two (2) practices. In addition, we ask that you sign up for one more volunteer spot listed below. This year, ONLY parents/guardians can fulfil the volunteer commitment.  We cannot allow grandparents, nannies, or siblings to do so, in order to minimize potential exposures.

We will assign jobs based on prior SHST and swim experience.  We do our best to accommodate preferences but cannot make any guarantees about which job you will receive.

  • Temperature taker/Drop-off helper: (mandatory for each family)

  • Cleanup: cleanup crew, practices and meets

  • Awards: prepares ribbons and other awards for swimmers

  • Fun Committee: plans and organizes our fun events

  • Meet Officials: referees, judges, etc. (experience and participation in extra training sessions required)

  • Meet Prep: sets up meets, takes down equipment during meets

  • Poolside Jobs: timers, runners, announcers, etc.

  • Snack Bar: purchases, prepares and serves food at meets 

  • Technology: runs the timing and records system

Whether you work at our practices or at our virtual swim meets, the new formats for both provide a fun and safe way to bring our swimmers and families together to enjoy the swimming season. 

Work schedules are finalized by the end of March. Once the schedules are finalized, it is up to parents to make arrangements on their own if they cannot work a shift.  We observe a strict “Late or No Show” policy. Failure to meet the parent work obligations will result in a $100 fine and may result in your child being prohibited to swim at meets.

Non-Working Fee

Of course, we completely understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent a family from fulfilling its commitment.  Families that absolutely cannot commit time to the team do have the option of paying a four hundred dollar ($400) Non-Working Fee.

The overwhelming majority of SHST families are able to complete the family commitment without difficulty!  Our team has jobs that allow working parents, those with small children, and those dealing with other circumstances to participate.  While we understand that the Non-Working Fee may be the only workable option for some families, we strongly encourage those who are able to commit their time to the team.  We will happily work with you and do whatever we can to get your kids in the pool, swimming and having fun with the Sea Lions!

Family commitment is what makes our community and our team so warm and strong!  Neither our team, nor the entire Marin Swim League could exist without the help and commitment of our many families.

Questions?  Please contact us.