Team Fees 2021

Team fees for the 2021 season have been reduced to 2016 pricing as COVID restrictions are only allowing swimmers a limited number of practices. We still have all of the same expenses (rent, coaches salaries, insurance etc.) but recognize that we can’t offer everything we historically have (or want to!!).

1 swimmer = $400

2 swimmers = $720 

3+ swimmers = $975 

**Please note that if you pay online with your credit card, there will be a three percent (3%) processing fee that is non-refundable EXCEPT for registrants that do not clear the wait-list. If you choose to pay your fees by check, your registration will not be complete until we receive the check.  Checks should be made Sleepy Hollow Sea Lions, Inc. and mailed (or dropped off) to SHSL Inc., 4 Fox Lane, San Anselmo, CA 94960. Dropping off is recommended, since we are fast tracking everything this year. There is a box outside for checks, right inside the gate.

**Please note that registration does not guarantee acceptance onto the Roster.  Unfortunately, the number of swimmers will be reduced this year because of the pandemic. You will receive a formal Acceptance Email once your swimmer is on the Roster. 

SHST families are no longer required to join the Sleepy Hollow Homes Association (SHHA) or to pay Sleepy Hollow Homes Association non-member fees.  We encourage residents to join the SHHA and we encourage everyone to purchase a membership to the pool in the summer!

Non-Working Fee

Of course, we completely understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may prevent a family from fulfilling its commitment.  Families that absolutely cannot commit time to the team do have the option of paying a four hundred dollar ($400) Non-Working Fee.

The overwhelming majority of SHST families are able to complete the family commitment without difficulty!  Our team has jobs that allow working parents, those with small children, and those dealing with other circumstances to participate.  While we understand that the Non-Working Fee may be the only workable option for some families, we strongly encourage those who are able to commit their time to the team.  We will happily work with you and do whatever we can to get your kids in the pool, swimming and having fun with the Sea Lions!

Family commitment is what makes our community and our team so warm and strong!  Neither our team, nor the entire Marin Swim League could exist without the help and commitment of our many families.