Team Fees 2023

2023 Team Fees

1 swimmer = $550 

2 swimmers = $990

3+ swimmers = $1,320

High School Swimmers = Free for swimmers who register during our January registration.   

***Please note that if you pay online with your credit card, there will be a three and a half percent (3.5%) processing fee that is non-refundable EXCEPT for registrants that do not clear the wait-list.

SHST families are no longer required to join the Sleepy Hollow Homes Association (SHHA) or to pay Sleepy Hollow Homes Association non-member fees.  We encourage residents to join the SHHA and we encourage everyone to purchase a membership to the pool in the summer!

Non-Working Fee

All SHST families must commit to helping out the team by working at our meets and fun events.  Please click here to read more about the SHST Family Commitment.

Families that absolutely cannot commit time to the team do have the option of paying a six hundred and fifty dollar ($650) Non-Working Fee, which excuses them from all but their All Star and Championship Meet Commitments. 

The overwhelming majority of SHST families are able to complete the family commitment without difficulty!  Our team has jobs that allow working parents, those with small children, and those dealing with other circumstances to participate.  While we understand that the Non-Working Fee may be the only workable option for some families, we strongly encourage those who are able to commit their time to the team. 

Family commitment is what makes our community and our team so warm and strong!  Neither our team, nor the entire Marin Swim League could exist without the help and commitment of our many families.