The Sleepy Hollow Swim Team (SHST) has a tradition of sportsmanship and fun. We provide a safe atmosphere in which all swimmers can maximize their individual swimming potential without undue pressure. 

In order to continue our tradition and fulfill this mission the SHST Board and coaches expect parents and swimmers to adhere to our Team Policies.


SWIMMERS: You Represent All Sea Lions! 

Participation on our team is a privilege, not a right. Your privilege to participate may be withdrawn, either temporarily or permanently, in the event that you do not adhere to our Team Policies.

  • When coaches talk, swimmers listen.

  • Always abide by the decisions of coaches and meet officials.

  • Respect all property at our pool and at away pools.  This includes no hanging on lane lines, no running, and no destruction or mistreatment of bathrooms, showers, and grounds.

  • Cheer and applaud other swimmers for putting forth their best efforts, no matter what age group, heat, or team. Congratulate other swimmers in your race.

  • No put-downs, swearing, or other inappropriate language.

  • No bullying either verbally or physically, or through writing or social media.

  • No fighting or physical abuse.

  • No disruptive or rude behavior.

  • Be on time for practices and meets.

  • Do not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco, and do not provide them to others in violation of local, state and/or federal law.

PARENTS: Set the Example for Your Sea Lion. 

Your swimmer's privilege to participate on the team may be withdrawn, either temporarily or permanently, in the event that you do not adhere to our Team Policies.

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship:

    • Respect the decisions and experience of our coaches.

    • Recognize that you may not "coach" or direct during practices or meets.

    • Do not question referees, timers, and other volunteer meet officials.

    • Encourage all athletes, no matter the team.

  • Remain quiet during practices.  Do not cross the "line in the pavement" on our pool deck and approach the pool and coaches.  Contact coaches via email or between practice groups without disrupting swimmers.

  • Complete your Family Commitment or pay the Non-Working Fee.  Recognize that you will incur a $150 fee for every missed shift/obligation.

  • Absolutely no use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs at any home or away meets.

  • Commit to the team only if your child is truly interested in attending practices and meets and contributing fully.

  • The SHST will take all appropriate measures to enforce our Team Policies.  These measures may include a swimmer's suspension from practice, exclusion from meets, and/or dismissal from the team. 

Any violation of our Team Policies by swimmers or parents should be immediately reported to our Team President and Coach Mark Anderson.  They will assess the misconduct and, with input from other coaches and SHST Board members, will determine what action is needed.  In the event of dismissal from the team no refunds will be granted by the SHST. 

These disciplinary measures are at the sole discretion of the coaches and the SHST Board.

Swimmers and their families must also adhere to all rules and regulations of the Marin Swim League (MSL). Please consult the MSL Policies and the USA Swimming Mini Rule Book.

Covid Protocols

The safety and well-being of our swimmers and coaches is our top priority. Participation on the team is a privilege, not a right. Your swimmer’s privilege to participate on the team may be withdrawn, either temporarily or permanently, in the event that team protocols are not adhered to.

The guidelines and protocols we will be following will be based on the county and state rules at the start of the season and will be modified as necessary throughout the season.  The rules will be enforced at every practice, there will be no exceptions. Swimmers who do not follow the guidelines will not be allowed to participate.