Thank you all for a great season! 


2022 MSL Meet Schedule: 

Date Opponent Location
April 23rd Time Trial Home
April 30th Rolling Hills Home
May 7th Sleepy Hollow Home
May 14th Tidal Waves Away
May 21st Terra Linda Away
May 28th --Bye-- --
June 4th Novato Home
June11th Strawberry Home
June 12th All Stars
Host: Tidal Waves
June 18th Swim Marin Away
June 25th Champs!  Away

Swim Meet Information:

The best part about being on a swim team is the swim meets, they are fun, exciting and build team camaraderie.  Please read through this swim meet information to ensure your swimmer knows what to expect and shows up ready to race!

The All Stars meet is a meet for siwimmers with qualifying times. This year's meet will be hosted by the Tidal Waves at Redwood highschool. The MSL will use a 2 team format this year with each swimmer assigned either to the Blue or Red team. They will swim with and score points for their team and, hopefully, form friendships across the league. 

The Champ's Meet is the largest and most exciting meet of the season with all 10 MSL teams at the same meet competing for the highest points for their team. Please plan to have your swimmer attend on June 25th! This meet will be heald at the new College of Marin IVC swim complex. 


A swim meet is organized by events (see order of events below), then Age Group (youngest groups to oldest). In the MSL, each age group only swims 1 distance for each stroke. Children 8 and younger will swim 1 lap (25 yards) for each of their races, 9-14 year olds will swim 2 laps (50 yards), and 15-18yr olds will swim 4 laps (100 yards).

Order of Events
Mixed Medley Relay
Individual Medley
Free Relay


Order of Age Groups
8 & Under
9 & 10’s
11 & 12’s
13 & 14’s


8 & Under- 100 Yard Mixed Relay (4x25 yards) 2 boys/2 girls

9 and Over- 200 Yard Mixed Relay (4x50 yards) 2 boys/2 girls

Coach Richard will assign relay teams.  If your child will not be available for a relay due to schedule constraints, please include that information in the NOTES section when declaring for a meet.

Heat Sheets:

Heat Sheets are the schedule/guide to who is swimming in what event, heat and lane. This will also show the swimmers name, best time in that event and who they are racing. This is a great way to keep track of what’s going on at the meet and track your child’s progress.

Heat Sheets are posted in the following locations: 

·       HEAT SHEETS TAB typically posted by 12:00 noon on Friday

·       Scott Valley Reception office wall

·       Ondeck app under the event

Please make sure to bring a Sharpie marker, so you can write the heats and lanes on your child’s hand. This is a great way for them to learn how the meet works and to make sure they do not miss any races. Please see the example below,