Swim Team Groups

Swim Lessons/ Group Lessons/ Swim &Stroke School- Please visit svstc.com for more information, times and registration.


Group I {Stroke Development}- Designed for swimmers who can complete multiple laps and have a basic understanding of swimming. Swimmers will become proficient in all four strokes as well as learn advanced techniques in preparation for competitive swimming. Swimmers will work together to build their skills as competitors as well as teammates! No minimum attendance required, it is suggested to attend at least two practices per week.


Group II {Competitive Training}- Designed for competitive swimmers that can complete a practice program of over one hour. The swimmers will focus on competitive training, meet preparation and fitness. Suggested to attend 3 or more practices weekly


Group III {Race Training}- This is our most competitive group and is focused on helping swimmers reach their full potential both in and out of the water. Swimmers will train and work together to achieve the highest results for their age group.

Starting February 25th 2019

Swim School | 3:30-4:00pm T/ Th or M/W (please see svstc.com for group details)

Group 1 | 4:00-4:40pm 

Group 2 | 4:40-5:50pm

Group 3 | 5:50-7:40pm

Starting June 17th  2019 = Morning Practice

Group 2 | 7:30-8:40am 

Group 1 | 8:40-9:25am

Group 3 | 9:25-11:10am