Thank you all for a great season! 


Volunteer Overview:

Volunteer signups will open Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 7pm through Friday, April 1, 2022.  Please read through the below information to set you up for a successful SVSS volunteer experience.

Did you know that it takes more than 75 volunteers to run a single swim meet?  Our Scott Valley Sea Serpent swim team relies on our coaches, swimmers and volunteers to make each meet fun and at the same time well organized.  To ensure the season is a success, we require that each family commit to helping perform volunteer opportunities throughout the Marin Swim League (MSL) season.   

  • As part of participating in the 2022 Serpent community, each family is required to fulfill a total of Six (6) volunteer shifts (points) that counts towards Time Trials and the 7 Dual Meets. Your family can divide the shifts up any way that works best for you.   
  • Each family is required to sign up for at least one Timing shift as part of their 6 volunteer shifts (points) required.  Timing is one of the most critical roles as well as the best swimmer viewing seat on the deck!
  • In addition to the regular dual meet season, all families participating in Champs must work one additional volunteer shift during the Champs meet, and for those families who have a swimmer participating in the All Star meet, one additional volunteer shift is required at that meet.  These volunteer shifts will become available closer to the meets.
  • Shift (Point) fulfillment is listed with each job when you sign up. Please be sure to track your number of shifts (and not just your jobs) as some jobs fill more than one shift (point).
  • Upon committing to a volunteer role, you are accountable for that shift.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, you are responsible for getting a substitute for your job and communicating with your Lead Volunteer Coordinator of this change in advance of the event.
  • We observe a strict ‘no show’ policy. Failure to meet a volunteer shift may restrict your swimmer from participating in future meets.  Not signing up for volunteering or paying the "non-working fee" is considered a 'no show' and will be treated similarly.
  • Families with High School swimmers are not required to fulfill volunteer shifts for the MSL dual meets, but we welcome your help! Families with both a High School swimmer AND an age group swimmer must fulfill their volunteer shifts.  We do ask that you volunteer at All Stars (if your child qualifies) and Champs.
  • Coordinator and key volunteer jobs start before the season begins, and some will have been pre-filled prior to the March 23 signups.  The jobs that require prior experience are pre-filled with parents that have had experience, but do let us know if there is a role that you are interested in and would like to shadow.  There are plenty of jobs, however, that don't require any prior experience. Don’t be afraid to sign up for something you have never done! Your Volunteer Lead Coordinator will work with you, get you up and running and... before you know it, you'll be an expert!​
  • Families may "opt out" of all volunteer shifts by paying a "Non-Working Fee" of $600. Please note that the Non-Working Fee does not apply to the All Star and Championship meets. All families participating in these Champs meet must work a shift, and parents are expected to help out if their swimmer participates in the All Star meet.  The deadline to excercise this option and "opt out" of volunteer shifts is March 23rd.  We must cap the number of families that may opt-out at 10 families to ensure we have enough volunteers to run the meets.  Please contact SVSS Volunteer Coordinator, Chelseaa Larsen, at [email protected] as soon as possible to arrange for payment if you need to exercise this option.
  • In addition each family is required to donate one food item during the season.  This will help stock the Home meet snack bar and feed our hungry swimmers!  Details coming soon.

Thank you for taking the time to help make this a fun and successful swim season!

Go Serpents!

Any questions, please email the volunteer coordinator Chelseaa Larsen at [email protected]