Friday night have a high carbohydrate meal to provide maximum energy and endurance for Saturday’s meet. Have a light breakfast such as toast, cereal and juice Saturday morning. During the meet, snack on muffins or fruit and drink plenty of water (No candy!)


Most meets start at 8:30. Always check your schedule because some pools start meets at 9:00. The home team warm-up starts one hour before the meet and the visiting team warm-up starts one-half hour before the meet. ARRIVE AT LEAST TEN MINUTES BEFORE WARM-UP to find a spot for your gear, check the line-up sheets and attend the team meeting.


Depending on the individual swimmer and the weather...

Team suit, goggles, Orca Swim Cap, 2 towels, Sharpie marker, sweat-suit, socks and shoes, T-shirt, sun screen, sun hat, sleeping bag and warm jacket on foggy mornings, Cheers and good spirit! Be sure to mark all items with swimmer's name.


Counting warm-up, a swim meet takes over four hours. Be sure your swimmer gets a good night’s sleep before the meet. During the meet, he or she should rest to conserve energy between events and be protected from the sun. The sun will drain your energy so stay as cool and relaxed as you can.


Always try to stay to the end of the meet and cheer your team mates on. Show your support of your team by seeing the meet through to the finish. If you must leave early, check out with the coach. Join in the team cheer at the end of the meet. Before leaving, help pick up trash in the area at home and away meets.