8 & Under Parents

The position of 8 & Under Parents arose from the need to assist and support the large number of young swimmers on the team. At home and away meets, the 8 & Under Parents are responsible for organizing this particular age group of swimmers. Prior to the start of the meet (both home and away), the 8 & Under swimmers are gathered in a particular location at the pool which becomes "home base" for these swimmers for the duration of the meet. Equipped with the meet line up and heat sheets, the 8 & Under Parents line up the swimmers before their races based on the stroke they are swimming, the heat they are in, and their lane.

A particularly useful practice has been for the Parents to mark the swimmers' hands with the appropriate event information. The hand has two numbers: the first number indicates the heat (or race) and the second number indicates the lane number. - For example, a hand marked 2/3 means the swimmer is swimming in the 2nd heat (or race) and is in the 3rd lane in that particular stroke.