Awards Night

The annual awards dinner is held after the swim season ends. It has been held anywhere from the day after the Championships Meet to September after school starts. It is the culmination of our efforts and achievements for the season.

The evening begins with a dinner. After this the parents attend a general meeting where new officers and board members are elected for the coming year and any final reports are given.

In the awards ceremony all parents and children are recognized for their participation and achievement. For both boys and girls, high point trophies, gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals are awarded in each age group. Also, awarded from the team as a whole are most valuable, most improved, pool and team record trophies and the five perpetual trophies:

  • Derryberry, most inspirational,
  • Al Weatherhead, most coachable,
  • Jeff Kane Memorial, swimmer of the year,
  • the Flaherty Trophy, parents of the year
  • and the Jim Moon trophy, volunteer of the year.