The Championship Meet is the Olympics of the Marin Swim League season. Every swimmer should make it a priority to represent their team at this festive event. The Championship meet is generally held on the last Saturday in July at Indian Valley College. All league teams participate and all members who have participated in a minimum of three meets during the season may swim. Sixteen lanes are used, eight lanes for girls and eight lanes for boys. The meet takes all day to complete. The results of this meet determine the final team standings for the year.

The format may change somewhat year to year. Currently, the plan is that the meet will be divided into two sessions. The 8 & Unders swim in the morning and the other age groups in the afternoon. Otherwise, the events are scheduled in the same order as in a dual meet, however, slower swimmers heats are first working up to the fastest swimmers in the last heats of each individual event. Points are scored for the teams by individuals placing first down through sixteenth place. All heats are considered counting. Medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in individual events and 1st place in relays. Ribbons are awarded for 4th through 8th place in individual events and 2nd and 3rd place for relays. High point trophies are awarded for first place and runner-up in each age grouping for both boys and girls.

Because of the size and length of this event it is very important that parents insure their swimmers get a good nights’ sleep before the meet. During the meet it is very important that everyone pay attention and get the swimmers to their events.

Parking is very limited because of the large number of people involved. Only one car per family is allowed and families are encouraged to carpool if possible.