Remember the reason your child joined --


Be positive about your child's achievement and remember we all learn and improve at different speeds.

Support the team as well as your child by helping at the meets and the team social functions. Your involvement will make the experience more rewarding for yourself and your child.

Review the Orca Performance Code and assist your child in achieving the guidelines. Support the coaches and pitch in to help the Orcas remain the best team and family experience in the league.


Every parent must volunteer to make the Orcas function properly.

Swim meets are run solely by parent volunteers. In addition, each social event requires a chairperson and usually a committee. Don't be shy, you will meet a lot of people by participating and have a really great time.


The Board of Directors has adopted a standard of performance for the coaching staff entitled "Guidelines and Standards for the Head Coach and Staff". These standards were written to provide the coaching staff with a clear understanding of the goals of the Orca Swim Team, to insure the quality of the coaching that our children receive and to evaluate the performance of the coaching staff.