Volunteer Requirement

General membership requires each Orca family to volunteer for 8 points over the course of the season. High School swimmers are required to complete 4 points. For those families with swimmers participating in Champs, 1 of the points is required to be completed at the Champs event. If your swimmer qualifies for and swims in All Stars, you will be required to assist at the All Stars meet.

The point values of each volunteer position range from 1 point to 7 points. Season commitments are more than 1 point, while many positions during the meet are 1 point. Please keep track of your commitments.

During registration, families can pay to opt out of their volunteer commitment for a total of $600, which is $75 per point. Families that did not opt out and do not meet their volunteer commitments during the season will be charged $100 for every missed point. If a volunteer fails to show up, they will be charged $100 at the time of the missed commitment.

Families only participating in Junior Orcas aren’t required to complete any points.

How to sign up

Volunteering for the Orcas is really easy! After logging into your account on tlorca.org, and follow one of the two approaches.

Go to the “Swim Meets / Events” tab. Select an event, and hit the “Search” button. All the jobs and their availability are then listed.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the bottom of the front page to the “Events” section. Choose the event for which you would like to volunteer in either the “Swim Meet” or “Team Functions” tab, and all the jobs and their availability are then listed. Choose the position for which you want to volunteer, and select “Job Sign Up”.

Note: For those families who have registered and are paying by check, you will not be able to log in to select your volunteer jobs until payment is received. This is the system design and we cannot override this functionality.


Please direct questions about volunteering to the Membership Board Member, Andrei Pasternak. Contact information for all Board Members can be found on the Board of Directors page.

Other helpful information can be found below.

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rev 12-07-2018