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Meet Results


6/05  Duck Classic

6/14  PLAT @ NW B Meet NW 582, PLAT 487

6/16  NW @ PLAT A meet NW 566, PLAT 905

6/21  SR @ NW B Meet NW 717, SR 574

6/23  NW @ SR A Meet NW 610, SR 974

6/28  NW @ TRI  B Meet NW 722, TRI 513

6/30  Triangle @ NW A Meet NW 857, TRI 600

7/07  NW @ STC A/B Meet NW 713, STC 863

7/07  NW Distance Meet

7/14  High Woodlands @ NW A/B Meet NW 892, HW 648

7/17  B-Champs / Division IV Champs @ PLAT

7/24  A-Champs / League Champs @ MIBC



6/06   Duck Classic

6/22   NW @ Plateau Club A/B Meet

7/01   Snoqualmie Ridge @ NW A/B Meet

7/06   Triangle @ NW A/B Meet

7/15   NW @ Seattle Tennis Club A/B Meet

7/20   NW @ High Woodlands A/B Meet

7/24   B-Champs / Division IV Champs - Virtual - Co-hosted by NW & STC; Norwood - 1st Place - 2021 Division IV Champions!

7/24   A-Champs / League Champs - Virtual



7/24   D-Champs time trial. Apologies, there are some technical issues in the early events for 12U.



Below are the times earned by our swimmers at each meet for 2019. 

6/09   Duck Classic (time trials)- please note some DQ's are not accurate due to technical difficulties at the meet

6/18   ​Norwood @ Plateau Club (A)

6/20   Plateau Club @ Norwood (B)

6/27   Norwood @ High Woodlands 

7/02   Seattle Tennis Club @ Norwood (A/B)

7/09   Norwood @ Kingsgate Monarchs  (B)

7/11   Kingsgate Monarchs @ Norwood (A)

7/16   Norwood @ Snoqualmie Ridge  (A)

7/18   Snoqualmie Ridge @ Norwood (B)

7/21   B-Champs Div IV @ Plateau Club July 21st

7/22   Senior A-Champs Prelims @ MIBC July 22nd

7/23   Jr. Boys A-Champs Prelims @ Samena July 23rd

7/24   Jr. Girls A-Champs Prelims @ Newport Hills July 24th

7/28  A-Champs (League Champs) @ KCAC Co-hosted by NW & STC

For a full final report of the meet (including the times earned by the other team) visit our parent league, Midlake's, site: HERE.



Duck Classic, June 10th (time trials)

Woodridge @ Norwood (A&B) June 21st 

Snoqualmie Ridge @ Norwood (B) June 26th

Norwood @ Snoqualmie Ridge (A) June 28th

​Norwood @ Plateau Club (B) July 3rd

Plateau Club @ Norwood (A)  July 5th

SeattleTennis Club @ Norwood (B) July 10th

​Norwood @ Seattle Tennis Club (A) July 12th

Norwood @ Kingsgate Gators (A) July 17th

Kingsgate Gators @ Norwood (B) July 19th

B-Champs Div IV @ Snoqualmie Ridge July 22nd

Senior A-Champs Prelims @ MIBC July 23rd

Jr. Boys A-Champs Prelims @ Samena July 24th

Jr. Girls A-Champs Prelims @ Newport Hills July 25th

A-Champs (League Champs) @ KCAC co-hosted by NW! July 29th



Duck Classic, June 4th (time trials)

Norwood @ Woodridge (A&B) June 15th

Norwood @ Seattle Tennis Club (B) June 20th

Seattle Tennis Club @ Seattle (A) June 22nd

Norwood @ Snoqualmie Ridge (B) June 27th

Snoqualmie Ridge @ Norwood (A) June 29th

Norwood @ Kingsgate Gators (B) July 5th-Meet xled

Kingsgate Gators @ Norwood (A) July 6th

Norwood @ Plateau Club (B) July 12th

Plateau Club @ Norwood (A) July 13th

B-Champs Div IV @ Plateau Club July 16th

Senior A Champs Prelims @ MIBC July 17th

Jr. Boys A Champs Prelims @ Samena July 18th

Jr. Girls A Champs Prelims @ Newport Hills July 19th

A Champs (League Champs) @ KCAC July 23rd



Duck Classic, June 5th (time trials)

Rolling Hills @ Norwood (B) June 14th

Norwood @ Rolling Hills (A) June 16th

Kingsgate Royals @ Norwood (B) June 21st

Norwood @ Kingsgate Royals (A) June 23rd

Norwood @ Maple Hills (B) June 28th

Maple Hills @ Norwood (A) June 30th

Norwood @ Phantom Lake (B) July 5th

Woodridge Sprint Meet July 6th

Phantom Lake @ Norwood (A) July 7th

Strattonwood @ Norwood (A) July 12th

Norwood @ Strattonwood (B) July 14th 

B Champs Division III @ Kingsgate Royals July 16

Senior A Champs Prelims July 18th

Jr. Boys A Champs Prelims July 19th

Jr. Girls A Champs Prelims July 20th

A Champs @ KCAC July 24th