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Practice Starts Monday!

Norwood Ducks

Open House

Our pool opens this weekend! Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm, Norwood Swim Club is offering free ice cream and a chance to try out the pool, rain or shine! If you're there on Saturday, 12-2pm, come say hello to me, our coaches, and team captains! We'll be hanging out poolside near the guard shack.

Practice begins Monday

The evening session sign-ups went well! Thank you all for participating. (Because now I know that you know how to use our Job Signup feature!)

To review which session you signed up for, or see which session your swimmer has been assigned to if you did not sign-up, please click here, find the Evening Sessions event and click "Job signup".

Please arrive on time, as practices are only 30 minutes, and we will need to take attendance this season (in lieu of last season's entry waivers, for contact tracing). Parents are welcome to stay (space permitting), wait in the car, or leave the premises during workouts. Swimmers, please arrive masked through the pool entry, masks may be removed once everyone is adequately spaced out, and definitely will not be worn in the pool. Showers will remain closed to swim team, so please plan to arrive in your suit and leave wet, or wait for the locker room to be clear of people outside your home if you must shower and change. Bathroom stalls will of course be open. Please make room for the next session by moving away from the pool deck as quickly as possible after session end. Thank you!

Stroke & Turn

We have space for two lanes of Stroke & Turn during Session #2, 5:30-6:00pm! If your swimmer is in Session 2 practice already, please do not sign up, as they can only swim in one lane at a time! We apologize that we are unable to offer S&T to everyone right now.

Stroke & Turn is an extra 30-minutes of technique instruction for our swimmers 12 years and younger, in addition to their normal age group workout (so they’ll get twice the pool time). Stroke & Turn sessions are offered by the week for an additional $25 per week. Space is limited and spots fill fast!

SafeSport Compliance – all families

I apologize that this following bit was not part of your registration forms; Midlakes only rolled this out to clubs after we had already opened registration.

Midlakes Swim & Dive, the league our team belongs to, is committed to ensuring all participants have a fun and safe environment in which to compete. In order to be eligible to participate in the 2021 Midlakes Swim & Dive season, all parents and participants must agree to the terms on the attached form. Please sign and submit by the first day of practice. You may return via email or in person when you arrive at the pool. (I will have to track submissions and follow up with anyone that does not turn in their form, so please take a moment and review it soon. Perhaps now? If you can. Thank you.)

Free, age-appropriate trainings for participants are available at You many need this guide to navigate the training registration (because it is not intuitive, unfortunately). Participant safety is the priority and this agreement serves as a proactive measure to protect all participants from inappropriate behaviors.

Coaching Update

We have had some exciting developments in our coaching staff these past few weeks! With pandemic-related schedule shifts all around, we had to make just a few tweaks.

Our Assistant Coach Justine Fielding will not be joining us until June 14, so to help run the workouts this season, we have promoted Dane Skalski to Assistant Coach. A graduating senior on our team who has been an Apprentice Coach for 3 years, Dane will be assisting our Head Coach Michael Liu with the 12-and-under age groups, while remaining a competitive member of our team. Congratulations, Dane! Another homegrown coach, thanks in no small part to our advantageous Apprentice Coaching program, created several years ago by Karen Skalski.

And for our 13 and over swimmers, we have something very special this season. Bob Karl–who has been a devoted Norwood Swim Team supporter for many years, serving as our Head Official and fellow swim parent–will be sharing his vast knowledge and expertise, particularly in stroke technique. He has graciously offered to be our Guest Coach and run the teen practices, with Dane assisting, until Justine can join us in June. Norwood is very grateful for Bob’s devotion to youth sports in general, and swimming in particular!


Thank you to those that have already reached out to volunteer: Julie Baker and Jaye Friedman, our meet announcers! Heather Beatty, our Friday Donut Hostess! Traci Terry and Jill Tennant will be distributing Club Apparel orders! Jean Lee will be doing Meet Setup! Bob Karl, Peter van Breda and Erin Kenway have stepped up to become our Meet Officials! (We do need more officials!) And to the Patten and Lee-Gillin families who will be co-hosting our Pancake Breakfast at the Duck Classic!

We still need more help with these Key Volunteer positions. For example, if you enjoy the Quack Shack dinner options at our home meets, please consider managing concessions for our team! Please take a moment to see how you can help. All of these positions will count toward your workshare commitment, and some jobs fulfill them entirely. We need your help to run a successful meet season!

If this is the first team email you’ve received, you can catch up on what you may have missed by reviewing our News.

That’s all for today! See you at the pool!

Heather van Breda
Swim Team Coordinator

P.S. Club Apparel store closes for the season this Thursday, so get those last minute orders in today! Our Team Shop for swim suits, goggles, etc. will remain open all season for DTC orders.