Morning Practice Schedule and Meet Declarations

Norwood - Ducks

Summer Practice Schedule

Summer is almost here! And our swim team workouts will be moving to our morning schedule starting June 23. We will be condensing most age groups from two sessions to one in order to extend the length of most practices to 45 minutes as well as offer a dedicated session of Stroke & Turn. 8 and Unders is the exception as we will continue to offer two separate sessions. No signups, please just attend the session that fits your schedule. You may change from day to day as needed. If the groups end up being very lopsided, we may have to revisit that plan.

Team Photos and BBQ

This year, we are doing our Team Photo on Monday, June 28, and not on the last day of school (because it was unclear at the time of booking if all schools would be out early on that day, as some students attend afternoons only). There will not be a regular practice that day. We’ll offer our teammates hot dogs for lunch following photos.

Also different this year, the photographer is going to take the sporty glamour shot in the pool for our bag tags and then individual photos against a green screen as he’ll be assembling the group photo in photoshop. There will be no big group photo op or sibling photos this year.

Meet Declarations

The virtual aspect of swim meets is making Swimmingly not ideal for meet declarations this season. (For the virtual meets, the two teams may not be swimming on the same day so the meets are input with a date range that lands outside the date we’ll swim, and therefore SwimminglyFan app shows a wrong date for the meet.)

To reduce confusion, we’ll be taking swimmer declarations via our team website (like we’ve done in years past), and then to obtain the meet-day functionality of Swimmingly, I’ll spend the 5 minutes to manually declare all swimmers from that website list when declarations close. So please refer to our website events schedule this season and ignore the wrong dates in the app.

I will send individual meet emails with details and spirit themes a week before each meet with requests for declarations and volunteer signups. Please always respond promptly, we really need a Yes or No answer. Not responding means I’ll have to follow up with you personally, which is time-consuming. So please, kindly reply.

And, you don’t have to wait for the meet emails, you can go to the Meet Schedule on our team website and hit the Attend/Decline button for each event to let us know your plans. If you ever need to adjust a declaration, you can go back to the event and Edit Commitment as long as you do it before the declaration window closes (which means our coaches are already working on the lineup for that meet and you’ll need to reach out to the swim team coordinator to make a change.)

Volunteers needed

We are in need of two people interested in training to be Meet Announcers! This is a really fun job, with a great poolside seat at home meets. If you’re interested, sign up for a shift to be Meet Announcer Trainee at our next meet!

Have a keen eye for details? Handy with your smartphone? I am seeking one or two more people that may be interested in learning how to be our Scorekeeper and/or Technical Starter, so we have backup and can trade off shifts.

Technical Starter is a new position that I just made up. I want to try having a second person sitting with the Scorekeeper possibly running the technical side of the Starter position so that our Official Starter can concentrate on their real job, which is prompting kids into position on the blocks and into the pool.

Norwood’s Got Talent

We would love to open our meets with your musical rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. If you sing or play an instrument and would be willing, please reach out to our Meet Announcer Julie Baker to let her know you’re interested and available.

A Champs

For our swimmers that have their eye on league champs this season…it is now being combined with B Champs for our division. KCAC will not begin taking reservations until the next phase opens which will not leave enough time to plan an all-league meet. Details on how it will combine with B champs will follow but go ahead and take those prelim dates off your calendar and highlight July 24 for A/B Champs, virtual style at our own pool. Our team banquet will now move to Tuesday, July 27.

Thank you for reading all my emails! Please feel free to reach out with questions. We have a lot of new families this year, and this is a lot! But it will be worth it, we promise.

See you at the pool!