Ducklings begins June 28!

Norwood - Ducks

Welcome to the 2021 Norwood Swim Club Ducklings Program!  My name is Angie Toy, and I am the Ducklings coordinator this year.  I have two boys about to finish first and second grades, and we have participated in swim team and ducklings for four years.  In our experience, not only will this program help your child become a better swimmer, it is also a great way to build community in our wonderful neighborhood. 

Ducklings Program Overview: The Ducklings Program is a fun way for kids to improve their swimming skills, while gently introducing them to the swim team program.  In order to be in Ducklings a swimmer must successfully demonstrate basic skills with good comfort and body position: a front and back float without assistance, kicking on the front and back without assistance, crawl stroke arms on the front, rolling the body from front to back and back to front.  Mastery of the four swim strokes (back, breast, butterfly, freestyle) is not a prerequisite, nor is being able to swim the full length of the pool unassisted.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child being ready for Ducklings, please contact one of the five swim team coaches (Michael Liu, Justine Fielding, Dane Skalski, Jude van Breda, and Paige Heinemann).  I can put you in contact with one of them. They will receive any technical questions, and I will field logistical questions.


Practice Times: Practice will run from Monday, June 28th through Friday, July 23rd.  Practice is everyday, Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m. to noon.  Note – Fridays are “fun Fridays” and donut day!

Duckling Photos:  Photos will be taken on the first day, Monday, June 28th.  The entire Norwood Swim Club team will have professional photos taken that day, so please look for an email from Heather van Breda, our swim team coordinator.

Exhibition: Each Duckling will be invited to swim an exhibition (one 25-yard freestyle swim) in the Duck’s last swim meet of the season – Tuesday, July 20th. This is a great opportunity for new families to see how a swim meet is run. The Ducklings will swim first (arrive around 5:00 p.m.).  Each swimmer will have a swim team captain in the water with him or her for encouragement and support.  In addition, each Duckling swimmer will be assigned a “Big Buddy”.  The Big Buddy will help the swimmer to the starting block, provide encouragement throughout the swim and spoil the Little Buddy with treats.  It is an exciting and encouraging environment for our kids to have their first taste of swim team.  I will send more information about this event as we get closer.  

End-of-Season Potluck: We will celebrate the end of the season with a lunch potluck on the last day of Ducklings, Friday July 23rdat noon in the picnic area at the pool.  I will send out an Evite soon to get us organized.  The coaches will be presenting a participation certificate and team photo to each child. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and see you at the pool!

Angie Toy