Hello, Summer!

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Jr. Memberships for individual teens wishing to participate in water polo will remain open.

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Swim Team practice starts Monday!

Norwood Ducks

Welcome back, Ducks!

My name is Heather van Breda, I am the swim team coordinator here at Norwood Swim Club. All our team communication will be via email, so please, always read our emails. I will do my best to be succinct! 

After a rough couple of summers, it’s going to be so wonderful to get back to the full-fledged dual meets and all the fun events our swimmers love. My family was hooked on swim team after our first meet 9 years ago, and I hope that your family will feel the same way about this team. There’s no sport better than swimming, and you’ll find the swim team community incredibly rewarding.

OPEN HOUSE – Saturday, May 7, 12-2pm

Our pool opens this weekend! Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm, Norwood Swim Club is offering free ice cream and a chance to try out the pool, rain or shine! Also on Saturday, 12-2pm, come say hello to our swim team coaches and team captains! I’ll be there as well to answer questions and facilitate team suit try-ons for size. We'll be hanging out poolside near the guard shack. 


Midlakes Swim League is requiring all swimmers and parents to take a brief SafeSport training prior to attending first practice. (All parents and volunteers need to complete training by June 1.) Please see the email I sent last week for details and instructions. If you did not receive that email, please reach out. 

STROKE & TURN ­– Registration Open

Our Stroke & Turn offering is an extra 30-minutes of technique instruction for our swimmers 12 years and younger, in addition to their normal age group workout (so they’ll get twice the pool time). Sessions are offered by the week for an additional $25 per week. Space is limited and spots fill quickly! Click here to register for Stroke & Turn.


It’s time to get the kids conditioned for a fun-filled competitive swim season! Please, arrive on time as practices are only 30 minutes. Parents are welcome to stay or leave the premises during workouts. Coaches are busy during practice, so please refrain from trying to talk to them during workouts. I will be on site the first couple of days if you have questions, or feel free to send me email anytime.

Practice is Monday – Friday throughout the season. We encourage you to attend at least 3 practices per week. Your swimmer must attend their age group practice, according to their age on June 15. Please speak to the coaches regarding any shifts in workout group. 

  • 8U: 8 years and younger: 6:00 – 6:30 PM
  • Stroke & Turn: 6:30 – 7:00 PM
  • 10U:  9-10 years: 7:00 – 7:30 PM
  • 12U: 11-12 years: 7:30 – 8:15 PM
  • 13&O: 13-18 years: 8:15 – 9:00 PM

NEW PARENT MEETING – Wednesday, May 11 at 5:30 PM

If you’re new to swim team, or have questions about what to expect, stop by the tent by the Quack Shack before the first practice Wednesday night. We’ll introduce our coaches; I’ll give a brief overview and answer any questions you have about how to make the most of this exciting season.


A well-fitting competition suit, mirrored goggles and a swim cap is ideal for workouts and meets. Suits with other team logos (high school, club team), and tie-back suits are not permitted at swim meets.

We are offering the same team suit design as last season, so if your suit still fits, you’re up to date! Visit our Team Suit Shop to order. We’ve provided a variety of sizing charts to find the correct size of this suit (it runs small). We will have suits to try on for size at the Open House, and the first couple of practices, or you may stop by our vendor, DJ Sports in Bellevue, to try-on in person. All suit orders will ship directly to the pool, and we’ll hand out as soon as they’re available in late May – early June. 

I have a stash of last-season’s swim caps for sale for $12. Pick up one at the Open House, reach out to me if you need one, or you can purchase from a lifeguard at the Quack Shack during rec swim.

And don’t forget to order your Ducks gear in our Club Apparel Shop! Show your team spirit at meets and beyond in our new t-shirts, hoodies, hats, towels, and pajama pants!


To RSVP for meets and signup for jobs, start here. On the right side of the screen, you will see “Attend/Decline” and “Job Signup” buttons. Click the buttons and follow the instructions or click on the “View Demo” button for a quick tutorial.

Each family is responsible to fulfill at least 23 volunteer points this season. It is ideal to try and find a role that you can repeat throughout the season to reduce the need for training at each meet. If you’re new to the team, do feel free to try out different jobs. There is something for everyone and getting involved is half the fun! Our final home meet on 7/14 is going to be particularly busy and we’ll need all the help we can get that night, so please be sure to find a job to do that night if you will be attending.


While you’re perusing the job signups, I’d like to point you to a few training opportunities we have this season:

  • Meet Announcer: Our amazing Announcer, Julie Baker needs someone to train to split meets or cover meets when she can’t be there. This is a great job for someone with a clear voice and attention to detail. Sign up to train at the Duck Classic or our first home meet and see if this is the job for you.
  • Stroke and Turn Official: If you’ve been around swim team for a couple of seasons, you’ve noticed the officials pacing the pool during our meets. Before every season, these volunteers take a 2-hour training to learn how to judge swimmer strokes. We need a few more volunteers to train to be an official and help in this crucial role at our home and away meets. Training this season will be offered May 18 and May 19 at 7pm via Zoom. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in being an Official. You’ll get 3 points just for training!
  • Starter Official: If you’ve been an official in the past, maybe this is the season you step up your role and train with our incomparable Chief Judge Bob Karl to be our meet Starter. Midlakes training is required each season, and there is a special training just for Starters.
  • Swimmingly Trainee: Sit poolside and help run the technical side of our meets. Train with our Swimmingly Starter and Scorekeeper to learn how to run the timer clocks and verify swimmer times as they come in. We need a third person trained in these roles to help cover our committed volunteers should they need to miss a meet. A huge thank you to Ashley Kaiser and Tina Lockwood for taking on these fun and important roles this season!
  • Meet Assistant: I need help this season. If you are interested in taking a true leadership role for swim team, and you’ve been around for a year or two (not that these last two years have prepared any of us for a normal season), I’d love to find someone to partner with me at meets, and then maybe behind the scenes. I have a 12-year-old on the team so I’ve got another 6 years of this; I’m not looking for someone to completely replace me, but rather someone to partner up and share some of the load and possibly take the lead later. Most of the work of Swim Team Coordinator is done behind the scenes at your own pace. Meets are the fun part and I’d love to show you how everything works! 

Apprentice Coach – Open Position

Our previous swim team coordinator, Karen Skalski, created our fantastic Apprentice Coach program here at Norwood for our older teen swimmers. We have a position open to swim team members that are at least 15 years of age and able to get their lifeguard certification. Apprentice Coaches help with our younger swimmer practice groups, demonstrating strokes and generally observing up close how our coaches do their jobs, in preparation to possibly be a Norwood coach themselves in the future. If you have a qualified and interested teen, find more information here, or please reach out!

If this is the first team email you’ve received, you can catch up on what you may have missed by reviewing our News.

I look forward to getting to know you this season. See you Monday!

Heather van Breda
Swim Team Coordinator