Dane Skalski


My name is Dane and I’ll be finishing my senior year at Bellevue High in June.

I started swimming at 4 years old as a Norwood Duckling and I have been a devoted Duck ever since. I swam for the Bellevue Club and have been playing Water Polo since I was 8. I am on Bellevue High’s Water Polo Team and Boy’s Swim Team. This is my third season as a Norwood captain and I am excited for another year!

Sami Peterson

Hey Norwood!

My name is Sami Peterson and I have been a part of the Norwood family since I was 4 years old! I started Norwood as a ducking and this will be my 10th consecutive year on swim team! I am also on the Bellevue High School Girls Swim team! I also lifeguard at the pool so you might also see me on the guard chair! I am so excited to be a captain this season! We are going to make it a great one! 

Go ducks!!!

Cannon Skalski

Hey Norwood! My name is Cannon Skalski, I am 17 years old. I'll be a Senior at Bellevue High School in the fall.

I first started swimming for Norwood at the age of 4 as a Duckling. This is my 12th year as a Norwood Swim Team member. I’ve also been a member of the Norwood Water Polo program since the age of 6. I am on Bellevue High School’s Water Polo team and been on BHS’s Swim Team since Freshman year. I enjoy Lifeguarding at Norwood pool and am excited to be a Captain this season!

Go Ducks!!!!

Jude van Breda

Hello, Ducks. I'm Jude. I will be a Junior at Bellevue High School this year, where I play water polo and swim for the boy's swim team.

I started swimming for Norwood at the age of 8, and playing water polo for Troverwood at 12. When I'm not swimming, or joining zoom meetings that I was not invited to, I like to go on bike rides around Lake Washington with my friends.

I am excited to be a Norwood Team Captain again this summer.

Matthew Livingston

Hi Everyone! My name is Matthew, I am 17 and have been swimming at Norwood since I was 4. I am a junior at Bellevue high school, and I play soccer. Most of you will recognize me from Woodridge elementary; I am up there playing sports all the time. I also enjoy reading, card games and ping pong. I am very excited for my first season as a captain!

GO DUCKS!!!!!!!