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For new swimmers, the excitement of a swim meet can be a little overwhelming. To help ease the younger kids, 8 years old and under, into the meet routine and get them excited to be there, Norwood has a wonderful Big Buddy Program.

An important part of Norwood’s summer swim team success, Big Buddies are role models and friends who show our little guys how to be a Duck. As our swimmer's graduate from 8U to 10U, most kids are excited to get to be an important Big Buddy, after the fun they experienced as Little Buddies themselves.

What does a Big Buddy do?

  • Get to know your Little Buddy. Be a friend!
  • Encourage your Little Buddy to come to all the workouts! Leave surprises in their swim files.
  • At meets:
    • Make signs to help them get psyched!                           
    • Greet your Little Buddy. 
    • Make sure your Little Buddy warms up.
    • Accompany your Little Buddy to get their event slips and inform his/her parents what events they’re swimming.
    • Make sure your Little Buddy gets to all of his/her events!
    • CHEER! CHEER! CHEER! Be at the finish with encouragement and a towel.
    • Escort your Little Buddy to the coaches right away for feedback. If your Little Buddy is DQ’d…a hug or smile works miracles.
    • At Home Meets, most Big Buddies gift their little buddy with thoughtful little something as a token of encouragement, such as a home made poster with a protein bar, a small bucket of goodies, a gatorade, or a little toy duck. Homemade items are encouraged.

Work Share opportunity: Sign up with the swim team coordinator to coordinate big buddies with little buddies, and make a poster to reveal the pairings at the Duck Classic!