We hope you enjoyed the pool this summer, and we look forward to seeing you back in Spring 2021!


Norwood Swim Club seeks to promote a life-long love of aquatics by providing participants of all skill levels the opportunity to practice, improve, and compete as a part of our community summer league teams.
Serving the Woodridge neighborhood, Bellevue, and the greater Eastside, our community pool is a great place for fun-in-the-sun recreation as well as aquatics. Our four-lane 25 yard pool is available for open swim as well as competitve swimming with the Midlakes Swim League. Community pool in Bellevue, WA. Neighborhood pool in Woodridge, Bellevue, WA. Bellevue swim teams. Public swimming pool in Bellevue, WA. Pool party rental in Norwood Swim Club is pleased to offer members the following summer aquatic teams:
DUCKLINGS  Pre-competitive swim program for our young aspiring swimmers, ages 5-7.

SWIM TEAM  Swimmers of all skill levels, ages 8-18, are encouraged to join our swim team, the Norwood Ducks. No tryouts.

WATER POLO  Co-ed swimmers, ages 8-18, looking for more of a team sport; Water Polo season starts just as swim season ends.