We hope you enjoyed the pool this summer, and we look forward to seeing you back in Spring 2021!

Safe Sport for Parent Volunteers


USA Swimming is committed to raising awareness about prevention of abuse in sport. We believe that the first step to creating an empowered team environment is education.  

The training will help you:

  • Understand the scope and effects of abuse in sport
  • Recognize the signs of grooming behavior and boundary violations
  • Understand how to establish boundaries and protect against false allegations
  • Know how to react and report suspected abuse


Parents are a critical component to our overall goal of protecting children from sexual abuse. The comprehensive online programming includes information about how offenders operate; how to recognize and respond to boundary violations, myths and facts about child sexual abuse and USA Swimming’s Athlete Protection Policies and Procedures.

FOR USA SWIMMING MEMBERS: Access the training for parents at www.usaswimming.org/learn
FOR NON-MEMBERS: You can create a free non-member education account and access the training for parents at learn.usaswimming.org