Thank you for a wonderful summer! See you back at the pool in May 2022!


July 26 – August 22, 2021

Not ready to get out of the pool yet? Join our Water Polo team! (Please note, practice and games will be held at Overlake Golf & Country Club.)

This fast, four-week co-ed program includes 3 weeks of practice and regular season games, followed by a tournament and championship game the final week.

Norwood (or applicable Midlakes swim club) membership is required to join water polo. Norwood offers a half-season Jr. Membership exclusively for teens 13+ that are not currently club members. (13U team age definition: age 13 on or before June 15th of the current year).

E-mail with questions about water polo, or registering for water polo. More information will be posted on the Midlakes site.

Dates, details, and registration will follow in July.

  • 2021 Coaches: Stavros Panos, Noah Mulfinger
  • Practice pool: Overlake Golf & Country Club
  • First Practice: Monday, 7/26
  • First Game: TBD
  • Championship Tournaments: TBD
  • End of Season Party: TBD

Practice at Overlake Golf & Country Club

12 & Unders: 8:00 - 9:00 am Monday - (Wednesday? TBD)

13 & Overs: 9:00 - 10:00 am Monday - (Wednesday? TBD)