We hope you enjoyed the pool this summer, and we look forward to seeing you back in Spring 2021!


To run a great summer swim team, it takes the involvement of every family. We ask that each Swim Team family complete a minimum of 23 work share points this season to ensure we cover all of our volunteer needs.

The work share commitment is a very easy threshold to meet, and there are ample opportunities to help out and earn your points. When you declare your swimmers to participate in meets and events you will also see the volunteers we need to support it. If your family volunteers at least one ½ meet shift for every meet you have a swimmer competing, you could easily make your points. Below are just some of the great ways you can help make this the best summer ever!

Each meet shift covers 1/2 of the meet duration, First Half or Second Half.

Key Volunteer Opportunities

No experience necessary!

Below are some simple–but crucial–jobs you can quickly learn on the spot to help out at our meets:

  • Volunteer Check-In
  • Concessions - food prep
  • Concessions - cashier or order-taker
  • Concessions - grill
  • Meet set-up
  • 8U Coordinator
  • Lane Timer - We are rolling out an exciting new app this season!
  • Heat Treat Runner
  • Ribbon labeling
  • Meet clean-up
  • Friday Donut delivery
  • Team Photo helper
  • Bag Tag laminating
  • Swim-A-Thon helper
  • Team Sleepover Chaperone

On-the-Job Training or Experience required

As you learn the ins-and-outs of running a meet, step into a more experienced role so the position runs smoothly and the coordinator is not training someone new at every meet.

  • Concessions Manager
  • Lead Timer
  • Announcer
  • Meet Manager / Scorekeeper
  • Swim Team CIT
  • Ducklings Coordinator

Certified Training required

Step up your swim-meet-volunteer game and even earn points while you train to be a Midlakes Swim Official. Attend the required two-hour training and then “scribe” for a seasoned official while you learn to judge the legality of swim strokes.

  • Head Referee (with enough experience)
  • Starter (requires one additional training)
  • Stroke & Turn Official
  • Scribe / Stroke & Turn Trainee
  • Relay Take-off or Exchange Judge