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The following are some of the more unique ways you can get involved with swim team and help make the season fun and successful. Please reach out to the Swim Team Coordinator if any of these positions are interesting to you. We do need to fill these critical positions before the season begins so it’s never too soon to inquire!

We have Home Meets, Away Meets, and Championship Prelim and Final Meets that all require different kinds of help. Regular season Dual Meets are split into two 1/2 meet shifts, First Half and Second Half.


Plan our home meet concessions menu, pre-order food. At the meet, oversee volunteers in food prep, cashier/sales, and clean up for all home meets. Count cash box pre and post meet. Keep inventory of all food and related items (silverware, condiments, etc). Coordinate coverage amongst your concessions volunteers. Please plan to arrive at home meets by 4 PM.


Train at the Duck Classic to safely and carefully set-up and tear-down our Event Board, Microphones, and Starter light. Please plan to arrive by 4:30 PM on home meet days. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up, but we must have set up completed by 4:45 PM, before the teams arrive and it becomes much too crowded to easily move around the pool deck. Hang out until the end of the meet and carefully put away all the electrical.


This is a great job for someone with tech savvy and swim meet experience. And it’s an exciting year to start this job, as we are rolling out a new timing and scoring app that will cut the hands-on time for this position in half compared to seasons past! (No manual entry!) Simply sit next to the starter with an iPad loaded with the Swimmingly Clubhouse software. Starter will run the meet, you'll proof the results as they come in and send to ribbon printer when the event is complete. 

We require a volunteer (or two) dedicated to being at every home meet, and work the entirety of the meet (including the Duck Classic for training). If we can get two people trained, you could coordinate off days or splitting the meet, as long as we have home meet coverage. Our home meets cannot run without this very important position trained and filled!

Generally, please plan to arrive at home meets at 4 PM to ensure integration of the event line-ups as supplied by the two teams so we are ready to begin on time. Output the Heat Sheets for posting, print out swimmer event slips, verify the scoring, print out labels for ribbon winners. You will be trained by the best! Mike Hayes, our volunteer in this position for the past 9 years will make himself available to help train you at the Duck Classic. There will be online training for the Swimmingly App; details will follow.

OFFICIALS | Home & Away

Step up your volunteer game and earn points while you train to be a Midlakes Swim Official. Attend the required two-hour training and then “scribe” for a seasoned official while you learn to judge the legality of swim strokes. Home Meets require a minimum of 4 officials + 2 relay judges, so the more people trained, the fewer shifts you’ll be asked to fulfill. Please plan to attend the Official’s meeting at 5:45 PM.

X Chief Judge: Bob Karl

Starter: This is an important role, as this official will run the meet via our new Swimmingly App.

Stroke & Turn Judges

X Announcers: Julie Baker, Jaye Friedman

Relay Exchange Judges: Previously trained officials that will judge the relay take-offs and exchanges only.


Work with our club apparel vendor to design and produce this season’s sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. Design a few options and let the Team Captains vote on which design to proceed with. Choose colors, styles, sizes to offer and create a pdf flyer to market the apparel for online ordering. Order blank samples in style, sizes and preferably color for people to try on at Open House and first practice(s) before placing their online order. As vendor contact, please be point person for any pick ups necessary.


Traci Terry and Jill Tennant

Our collective orders for Club Apparel will arrive in one large batch. We need one or two people to coordinate distribution during a few days of practice, and one last push for pick ups at the Duck Classic. Be responsible to pull sort and distribute, as well as put all the unclaimed orders away in team closet for safe keeping until the following day, or until all orders have been distributed.


Partner with the current Swim Team Coordinator to learn how we run all the swim meets and events, in preparation to take the lead coordinator position for a two year commitment. Much of the job is done off-site at the hours of your choosing. Some of the various duties include hiring coaches, facilitating team suit orders, communicating with the team families throughout the season regarding meets, events, and volunteering; coordinating with other teams in our division over meet swaps, overseeing meet and special event volunteers.


Oversee the Ducklings pre-competitive swim group, June 22–July 16

Be the parent contact for our young Ducklings group. (Coaches will handle the pool time!) Welcome our new swimmers and families to Norwood. Regularly communicate with them via email and in person, keeping them informed throughout the season. Organize team and individual photos. Oversee Duckling event volunteers: photo bag tag lamination, planning and running the end of season potluck BBQ, collect contributions and purchase coaches gift and goodie bags, and a variety of Exhibition night volunteers.

At the last home meet, our Ducklings will swim an Exhibition just before the start of the Ducks swim meet! Coordinators will designate and set up a meeting area to welcome families (that may not have ever witnessed the bustle of a swim meet). You will also oversee that our swim team Big Buddies have found their Duckling Buddies, and help stage young swimmers for their exhibition swim.

LEAD TIMER | Home & Away

As Lead Timer, we are looking for coverage at every meet (so two people that plan to be at most if not all meets that can cover all meets between the two of you), from Duck Classic through B-Champs. Your job will be to run the Timer’s Meeting at 5:45 PM before the start of every Home Meet, assign timers to lanes, if they aren’t already designated, and find a replacement for any last-minute timer vacancies. Facilitate timer shift change.

Home Meets: We are rolling out a new timing app this season, and we will train with you at the Duck Classic. (You'll love the new app!) At the start of each home meet you will walk the timers through the quick process to get the Swimmingly App launched on their smart phones. (Details for downloading the app and arriving with phones fully charged will go out to all timers beforehand.)

Away Meets: Please carry our travelling stop watches to the meet (unless that team is using the app, too!), hand them out to Norwood volunteers only, facilitate the shift change, fill surprise vacancies, collect watches at the end of the meet and return them to the Swim Team closet.