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No experience required!

Our swim team runs on parent volunteers, and we need every family to help out to make our meets run smoothly.

The most helpful thing you can do this season is to choose a volunteer role and try and do that same role for as many meets that you’re able (and please, sign up before the deadline). By being consistent in doing the same role throughout the season, it will cut down on the need for individual on-the-spot training at each meet.

Home Meet support is the most important, as our meets cannot run without the required volunteers. Without fully staffing timers, officials, concessions, and scorekeeper...we would have to forfeit the meet.

Most of these roles only apply to our Home meets. Away meets require only Lane Timers and Officials.

If you have questions about any of this, or would like to volunteer for a Key role below, please reach out to the Swim Team Coordinator!

CONCESSIONS | 3 points per meet | Home Meets

Help out in our meet concessions shack. Prep food, stage orders, run the cash register, or work the grill! Help set-up and clean-up. Supervised by our Concessions Manager. We'll train on the spot!

FOOD HOME-PREP | 3 points per meet | Home Meets

Get your volunteer points from home! Great job for someone that has smaller children to manage at the meet. Pick up food from shack the day before and bake potatoes, cook quesadillas, or assemble fruit bowls at home and drop off a the Quack Shack by 4pm on the day of our home meets.

ICE DELIVERY | 3 points per meet | Home Meets

Pick up X bags of ice and arrive at pool by 3pm. Fill the ice chests and add pop/water bottles so they are nice and chilled by the time concessions open.

MEET SET-UP | 3 points per meet | Home Meets

Train at the Duck Classic to set-up for our Home Meets. Rearrange the pool benches for meet formation, set up Coaches tables, Starter and Announcer tent, Meet Manager and Ribbon Labelling stations. Please plan to arrive by 4:30 PM. It Takes about 15 minutes to set up. Must have set up completed by 4:45 PM, before the bulk of the Visiting team arrives and it gets too crowded to easily move around the pool deck.

MEET CLEAN-UP | 3 points per meet | Home Meets

Train at the Duck Classic so you know how to return the pool deck to social set up, where to move benches and tables, and how and where to neatly put away all of the swim team equipment so it’s ready for the next meet. Must remain at meet until the end to begin tear-down as meet finishes. Takes about 20 minutes to complete, and there’s usually willing hands to help you out

LANE TIMER - Swimmingly | 3 points per ½ meet shift | Home Meets

Bring your fully-charged smart phone, pre-loaded with the Swimmingly App, and arrive by 5:45 to join the Timer's Meeting (whether you are first or second shift, please attend the Timer's Meeting). If you're a new Lane Timer, you'll be trained at the Timer's Meeting. This is a simple and fun way to get involved at the swim meet. 

HEAT TREAT RUNNER | 3 points per ½ meet shift | Home Meets

Hang out at the end of the pool and hand out treats to each event heat winner. Swim Team Coordinator will show you where to find and refill the treat bucket.

RIBBON LABELS | 3 points per½ meet shift | Home Meets

Sit near the printer and as the event labels start printing, attach to the appropriate ribbon. Separate our team from opposing team. Second shift, give opposing team ribbons to our coach, and file our ribbons into swim folders. Filing can be completed the following day if it's not possible to finish at the meet.

8U BOY COORDINATOR | 3 points per ½ meet shift | Home & Away 

Getting the 8 and under swimmers to their events on time is a job! Coordinators will get to know the swimmers by name, help find them and stage them for their events at home and away meets. Sign up for ½ meet sessions.

8U GIRL COORDINATOR | 3 points per ½ meet shift | Home & Away

Getting the 8 and under swimmers to their events on time is a job! Coordinators will get to know the swimmers by name, help find them and stage them for their events at home and away meets. Sign up for ½ meet sessions.

PHOTO BAG TAGS  | 15 points | One-time project

Develop individual photos of all Norwood Team members (a disc provided to you). Cut to size with our trimmer, and laminate 80-100 bag tags with photo matched up to personalized backing, then use our laminator to make the tag. (Redos on a few may be required if the names get matched up incorrectly.)

FRIDAY DONUT DELIVERY | 3 points ea. | 6/24, 7/01, 7/08, 7/15

Pre-order, pick up and deliver six (6) dozen donuts to the pool on Friday morning by 8:00 AM. If the order is not already paid for, pay for it then turn in your receipt to be reimbursed. (Pre-orders required by Wednesday. 12 assorted donuts from Safeway or QFC bakery will be about $6-9 per dozen.)