Swim Meet Job Descriptions

The success of the Riptide Swim Team is dependent upon parent participation. Parents run the Swim Meets, and each Meet requires no less than 60 parent volunteers. Parent participation is therefore MANDATORY.

Many parents have young children, making it difficult to volunteer on meet day. If you have a spouse or grandparent available to help out, please volunteer. If this is not possible, no worries, there are other jobs you can help out with, prior to or after the meet.

Thank you for your help in making our Meets successful!

Announcer Announces each heat and swimmer name at home meets.
Clean-up Crew Home meets only. Take down and put away awning tents,chairs, tables, and Colorado System. Cleans pool deck of any litter.
Clerk-of-Course Lines up 8 & Under swimmers for their races.
Colorado Runs the Colorado Timing system. Requires minimal training.
Computer Runs the computer for swim meets. Must also input results following meets. Knowledge of computers is a must. Training provided.
Meet Desk Compiles all results and scores meet. Training is provided.
Relay Exchange Judge Observes swimmers diving in during the different legs of the relay races. Judges whether a swimmer dove in (took off) too early (before the incoming swimmer touched the wall).
Ribbons Prepares ribbons during the swim meets. Files ribbons in swimmers folders and helps prepare “Best Time” ribbons.
Runner Picks up slips from timers or stroke & turn judges, takes slips to desk or referee.
Setup Crew Set-up pool area Friday evening prior to a Saturday Home Swim Meet. This includes awning tents, chairs, tables, and Colorado. Setup usually happens during swim practice on Fridays.
Snack Bar Home Meets only. Help set-up/clean-up snack bar, prep and sell food.
Shopper (Snack Bar) Shops for required Snack Shack inventory prior to home meets.
BBQ (Snack Bar) Grill master for home meets to work our Riptide Grill.
Starter Starts each Heat and runs the Meet. Clear, strong voice is required and Training is provided.
Stroke & Turn Judge Determines if each swimmer is swimming their stroke legally. Issues Disqualifying Slips (DQ’s) to those who are not. Training is provided.
Head Timer Organizes all the timers into their lanes and runs the back-up manual stop watch.
Timer Times swimmers in every Heat (race), for either the 1st or 2nd half of the Swim Meet. On the job training provided (training takes 5 minutes).