Junior Team

Should I join the Jr. Riptide Swim Team?
The Jr. Riptide Swim Team is meant for those swimmers that are not quite ready to be on the swim team but want to swim.  Attend our Splash Day - March 3rd - at the Indian Valley College and your child can be skill tested.  Program is limited to 25 swimmers.

How long is this program?
This program runs with the regular swim team program, starting on March 5th and ending on July 15th.

What experience should I have?
Each new swimmer 8 years old and younger must be skilled tested at the pool before they can complete their registration.  Our Jr.'s must be able to swim 10-15 yds of unassisted freestyle (face in the water) or backstroke and must be comfortable in deep water.

When will my child practice & how often?
See Schedules They will practice at the same time as the 8 and Under group.  Practice is offered 5 days a week.  Practice is not mandatory 5 days a week, the more often your child practices the more improvements in strength and technique you will see.   

Will my child swim in the swim meets?
On April 28th, our team will have our Time Trials.  This is a practice meet with just our team.  It is to establish times to be used in seeding our official dual meets of the season.  If your child can swim 25 yds of freestyle or backstroke by then and your coach feels your child is ready, he/she may and will be encouraged to participate.  Please keep in touch with your coach on your child's progress and whether they should participate.

What is the cost?
Click Registration and Fees.  For complete information about our team, browse this website.  To order a team suit, parka or Riptide clothing and merchandise Click here.