Swim Meet Responsibilities and Volunteer Work Requirements

Without the volunteer efforts of everyone, swim meets would not take place. In order to ensure that each meet is run smoothly, parents must be available to work a two-hour shift. Our team has many new swimmers so we’ve developed a description of each volunteer position. Please see below for a description of each swim meet job. Each position has a chairperson to contact with any questions.


All swimmers must check-in with their team by 6:30 a.m. on the day of a meet or they will be scratched from the day’s events. This job requires two people who are stationed at tables by 6:00 a.m. at the meet to check in swimmers and parent volunteers.


These volunteers direct every event. They state the event, tell swimmers to take their marks, and press the buzzer to begin the event. We will have two clinics at the Ripon High School pool to learn starting. We will need to have at least 10 starters for the season and encourage all parents to come to the clinics. Clinic dates and times will be posted.


There are three timers per lane each with a separate responsibility. One timer will use a stopwatch to record the time. One timer will write down the times recorded from the stopwatch. One time will hand out ribbons to each heat winner. All three timers will push their lane button for the Colorado time system after each heat. We will need approximately eight timers during each two-hour shift for home meets.


These volunteers sit at the head table on the pool deck and call swimmers for each event using the P.A. system. They also call for missing swimmers and make other announcements during the meet. Two volunteers per meet.


Before each event, time cards must be distributed to each timer group and then collected after the event is over. Runners distribute and collect these cards and return them to the data processor at the end of an event. Two volunteers are needed for every two-hour shift.


These are the referees or judges who must determine whether or not a swimmer has correctly competed in an event. They walk up and down the side of the pool checking on the swimmers in their assigned lanes. Stroke and turn clinics will be offered at the Ripon pool where you’ll learn the fundamentals of each stroke, how to make correct turns, and correctly touch the wall to complete an event. We need at least 10 volunteers to do stroke and turn. We encourage all to come to the clinic.


These volunteers will run the Colorado System at the head table. The two jobs associated with the Colorado System are the console operator and the verifier. The console operator will run the Colorado system and print a hard copy of the results from each heat. The verifier will compare the printed information from the Colorado to the results from the stopwatch timers.


One volunteer per shift will input data collected from the Colorado System into the Team Manager program to run reports.


This job requires you to take the computer-generated result stickers and place them on ribbons to be given to swimmers at a later practice.


During each two-hour shift, the volunteers at each position are given snacks, coffee, water, juice, etc. The volunteer uses a wagon to offer snacks and drinks to the volunteers. You may also have to cut up fruit, muffins, or pizza.


Gathers and organizes medley and freestyle relays. Volunteers are needed for the morning and afternoon relays.