About Northgate Aquatics Club

Mission Statement:  NGAC, Northgate Aquatics Club, is a technique and goal based competitive swim program.  Our mission is to provide an enriching competitive swim experience in a supportive, family-oriented environment with a focus on technique, goal setting, and sportsmanship.  NGAC swimmers are committed to: Excellence, Integrity, and Teamwork. 

NGAC is open to students in elementary through high school in both Northgate and Avonworth School Districts. Registered as a USA Swimming Club, we provide developmental stroke training, opportunities for competition, pre-season training for the Northgate/Avonworth Middle School Swim Teams, and additional conditioning and competitive opportunities for the Northgate/Avonworth Varsity Swimmers. We charge an affordable rate for those living in the Northgate and Avonworth communities.  

Competitive Swimming

NGAC belongs to a local league called the Western Central PA Swim League (WCPSL). This includes about a dozen other local swim teams. Meets are usually twice a month driving up to an end of the season championship meet. To be eligible for Champs, your swimmer must swim at least four (4) WCPCL meets during the season. 

USA Swimming (USS) is the national governing body for competitive swimming. USA Swimming is responsible for the conduct and administration of swimming by formulating the rules, implementing the policies and procedures, conducting the national championships, and selecting athletes to represent the United States in international competition.

$86 of your Northgate Aquatics Club dues are applied to USA Swimming registration fees.

Membership in USA Swimming allows our team members to compete in a wide range of competitive activities - even in the Olympics! Because your athlete is a member of USA Swimming, s/he his eligible to compete at the USA Swimming meets held by Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) clubs. These meets are organized by time standards so that swimmers of similar ability swim against each other. Because so many swimmers compete at these meets, it can take a whole weekend to run just one meet! Fortunately, you can predict when your swimmer's events will be held so you will not need to spend the entire weekend at the meet.

Northgate Aquatics Club Board

President Valerie Clarke
Vice President Greg Buzzard
Secretary Andrea Kimmel
Treasurer Melinda Petrina
Meet Director Marianne Hapeman
Board members at large Beth Schuster, Jess Persson, Greg Buzzard, Michael Puck, Amanda Salem, Matt Welch, Kristen Cook


NGAC Committees - Below are the various committees at NGAC.  These committees help keep the Stingrays in the water day after day.   Please Get Involved!  Join a committee you are passionate about!  Feel free to click on a leaders name to email them for more information.  



Committee Leader(s) Description
Championships Valerie Clarke / Beth Schuster / Marianne Hapeman For champs host year: shall be responsible for coordinating, scheduling,and operating Champs and the associated sub-committees needed to run Champs.
For non-host year: shall act as champs contact for club including, champs spirit wear, champs happy ads, champs volunteers
Registration Valerie Clarke Responsible for overseeing registration activities for the club, during each season. Registration activities include implementing registrant cut-off dates, fees, and cut off numbers as determined by the Board. As well as answering emails received for interest in the team.
Concessions Jess Persson Responsible for coordinating refreshment stand activities, and shall be responsible for ordering and/or coordinate donation of refreshments to be sold during meets. This Committee shall make recommendations to the Finance Committee for suggested or needed expenditures in this area of operation.
AMS Beth Schuster AMS Coordinator shall act as the AMS
liaison (attending AMS meetings), provide the board with AMS updates, recommend and coordinate NGAC AMS involvement, coordinate AMS committee participation.
Safety Head Coach, Sean Halpate Inform the board of all Safe Sport requirements and keep the club compliant with those requirements. This Committee shall make recommendations to the
Finance Committee for suggested or needed expenditures in this area of operation.
Spirit Wear/Fundraising Matt Welch

Plan and run spirit wear sale for the team, help with the coordination of Champs spirit wear, help with coordination of team suit and swim cap ordering.

Plan and manage fundraising activities, as needed.

Parent Liaison/Volunteers Greg Buzzard  Plan and run parent meetings, ID parent liaisons, act as contact for parent questions/concerns, track, support, and ensure parent volunteerism.
Finance Melinda Petrina / Kristin Cook Prepare an annual budget for NGAC; shall be charged with preparing audits as requested by the
Board of Directors of NGAC financial activities; shall supervise all fund-raising activities and securing of sponsors on behalf of NGAC; and shall assist with the collection and handling of NGAC monies.
Facilities Head Coach, Sean Halpate Coordination of facilities requests with Northgate School District. In addition, work with Northgate School District with maintenance, development and improvement of facilities/equipment used by NGAC,
the collection, inventory and storage of equipment, and shall make recommendations to the Finance Committee for suggested or needed expenditures in this area of operation.
Website Michael Puck  Responsible for news/social media relations and the general publicizing of NGAC activities and information via the NGAC web site and will perform maintenance and development on the web site.
COVID Committee Valerie Clarke / Greg Buzzard Responsible for creating, updating, and distributing/communicating COVID-19 safety and facility plan in accordance with evolving regulations/requirements
League Board Committee Valerie Clarke Represent NGAC on the Western Central PA Swim league