Team Communications

Communication of team events, activities, training and unexpected cancellations/changes will be done via numerous methods.  The foundation for team communication is this website.  Within this website, Stingrays can see the latest plans related to training, swim meets, latest news, etc.  The most regular push communication will come from our Meet Director or team President in the form of e-mails.  Within these e-mails you will get the latest scoop on almost everything and often news will be communicated in e-mails before we get a chance to put it on the website.  

In the event of last minute changes to plans such as training and meet cancellations, you should expect to receive an e-mail from either the Meet Director or President.  If we have enough warning of the change, you can expect to also see the update on this website.

We are also on Facebook.  Postings are done less frequently there, but there are the occasional tidbits of information posted that you may find to be interesting.

We are on facebook!










Registering for Meets

Swim meets are tightly choreographed events, often involving hundreds of competitors in as many as 50 different events.  To make the meets a success, rosters must be planned out in advance.  There is no way to add swimmers at the last minute...they must register in advance.  Conversely, it is really important that swimmers show up to swim at events and races that they have signed up for.

Signing up for meets is done via the Events section of this NGAC website.  

You will receive an e-mail notification when registration is open for a specific swim meet, generally about three weeks prior to the meet.

  1. Use the Meet Registration section to register one or more swimmers.  

    • Select the specific meet from the listing of swim meets for the season.

    • Registration for a league swim meet will close on Saturday, one week prior to the meet.

  2. Line-ups will be set by our Coaches and Meet Director by Wednesday.

  3. An e-mail with the meet's line-up will be sent on Thursday before the meet.

Parent Volunteers

The team depends heavily on the volunteer efforts of our parents.  The more parental involvement we have, the more successful our team will be, and the more your children will get out of the team.  We literally cannot do it without you, so please volunteer!

There are numerous ways to volunteer (please do as many as possible):
  • Sign-up to bring food/drink to stock our concession stand at home meets.

  • Help to setup for our home meets.

  • Pitch-in to cleanup after a home meet.

  • Run the concession stand.

  • Sell 50/50 tickets or support other fundraisers.

  • Be a timer at home or away.

  • Be a runner at a home meet.

  • Learn to be a Stroke and Turn Judge.

  • ...and much more.

As you perform a Meet Registration, you will be provided with an opportunity to volunteer for meet operation activities.  These vary depending on whether it is a home or away meet.  E-mail communication will be used to request food donations for home meets.
What to Bring to Meets
  1. Good Sportsmanship!! - Race hard, have fun and congratulate your opponent afterward, regardless of who wins.

  2. Swimsuit - Speedo or "Jammer" type suit for boys, one-piece Speedo-type suits for girls.  Our team colors are Black/Red, so that would be the preferred color selection.

  3. Swim Goggles - These are a must for our swimmers to perform well and they get lost easily and often.  Be prepared by having a spare or two.

  4. Swim Cap - Encouraged for maximum speed, to keep long hair under control and to help kids get into a swimming mindset.

  5. Towels - One is never enough...bring a few.

  6. Folding Chairs - Most meets will require parents and swimmers to wait in a gym or hallway.

  7. Warm Clothing - Meets can involve a lot of sitting around in damp swim gear.  Staying warm between events is key!

  8. Water Bottle - Staying hydrated is very important.

  9. Snacks and/or Money - Healthy snacks are great for our swimmers so bring your own or buy some from the host team concessions.

  10. Books, Games, etc. - Bring stuff for the kids to enjoy, but keep your eye on valuables such as PSP's and music players when you hit the water.

  11. Sharpie - Be prepared to write event numbers on hands or to do the "Eat my bubbles" tastefully on swimmers...


There will be a filebox set-up in the pool area at each practice. You will have a file with your last name on it. This is how the board/coaches will communicate with you. Please be sure to check your file at each practice so that you can get your ribbons and timing results..