Announces all events/heats and coordinates announcements for concessions, special items, etc., during the meet.  Announcer sits at the picnic table in front of the guard office.  This is a great job for someone who likes to follow the meet and be part of the action.  An energetic announcer can help control the pace of the meet and make the swim meet exciting for all!

Manage area where swimmers gather before being led to the blocks.  Organize the swimmers and lead the younger swimmers to the blocks in lane order by heat according to the printed heat sheet report (with help of coaches).  Maintain the "on deck" event board. Great job for parents of younger swimmers.  

Work at concession stand.  Prepare and serve concessions to swimmers and spectators attending the meet.  Prepare and deliver food/drink to coaches, officials and meet workers at proper intervals during meet.  Swimmers and younger siblings are not permitted behind concessions tables.  Great job for parents of older or independent swimmers.  Concessions is divided into 3 shifts.

**Early Shift Worker:  arrive 90 minutes proir to start of meet to assist with concession area set up; work first half of meet 

**Late Shift Worker:  arrive at meet start time;  work to end of meet and assist with concession area clean up

   Griller:  arrive 1 hour before meet start time to prepare grills;  work to end of meet and assist with grill clean up

This is a great opportunity for a parent who knows his/her way around how we set up our concessions area!  If you have experience as griller and know how to set up for concessions, you can volunteer to lead concessions for one home meet. This will fufill your 5 jobs for the entire summer!  You will only have to work City or Classic.
Please contact a board member if you are interested.

Collect the time sheets from the timers and the disqualification cards from the officials and take them to the scorer at the scoring table.  Great job for the parent who likes to be on the move!  

Receive swimmers' time sheets and disqualification cards from the runners. Order and review sheets and take them to computer entry. No computer expertise is required.

Hand out bag tag to heat winners at the end of every heat.  Great spot to watch the meet from!

Using a stopwatch, time and record swimmers' times for each event.

The following jobs require prior training by the Naperville Park District: REFEREE, STARTER, STROKE JUDGE and TURN JUDGE.  There is no fee for this training and there are several dates to choose from.  We are always looking for new parents to to fill this need!  If interested, please contact a board member.

New this year we are allowing parents to hire out for certain jobs.  
Please refer to Volunteer Information and Hiring Out document for guidelines on how to do this.  

*next to a job denotes you are able to hire out a high school-aged (or older) worker for this job.  

**next to a job denotes you are able to hire out a college-aged worker for this job.