Swimmer Responsibilities

  • To attend scheduled practices

  • To arrive at practice promptly and leave pool area promptly at the end of the scheduled practice

  • To notify coaches in writing or email a week in advance if you will be unable to swim a meet

  • To arrive at swim meets one-half hour before the beginning of the meet

  • To follow proper rules of conduct

  • To clean up team areas at home and away meets (pop cans, food, wrappers, etc.)

  • To know what you should be doing at practices and to ask coaches if you don’t

Parent Responsibilities

  • To give positive reinforcement and encouragement to your child in his/her swimming efforts

  • To ensure your child is safely transported to and from practice and meets

  • To support the team by working in some capacity at the meets

  • To have discussions with the coaches at times other than during practice and swim meets

  • To remember that the only persons allowed at swim practice are the swim members for the particular session under way