Close to the start of the season, the Jobs Coordinator(s) will email all families about signing up for their job requirements. Each family is required to work jobs during the swim season, and the number of jobs can change each year depending on the number of families on our team. On average, each family is required to work 4 to 5 jobs during the regular season. 

In addition to the regular season jobs, families are also required to work at the Classic and/or City Championship meets if they have a swimmer attending the meet. The Naperville Swim Conference lets each team know how many jobs they need to fill. Job information is communicated to our families closer to the time of the Championship meets.

The swim team cannot function without the tremendous support of our parents. Thank you!!


2022 Cardinals Job Information

Job sign up will open on Sunday, May 15th at 7:00 pm and will close on Sunday, May 22nd at midnight.


Every family will be required to work 4 jobs during the regular summer season. This does not include working at the Classic or City Championship meets.


More information about jobs can be found on the Cardinals website at (you must be logged in to see this page)

Returning families - each family will only be allowed to sign up for 1 job at the Mock Meet.

New families - new families will not be allowed to work at the Mock Meet. We would like for you to use this meet to get your kids comfortable and to see how the meet works.

High School Invitational Information - if you have a swimmer competing in the High School Invitational meet, you must work at job at that meet. Working at this meet will count towards your job requirement for the season.


Teen Assistance

Each family may hire out TWO of their required jobs during the entire season. (Jobs for the Classic Meet and City Meet cannot be hired out).

All hired teens must be from our approved list and be either 13 years of age or older or entering into 8th grade. If you have a teen that qualifies and would like to be added to our teen worker list, please email his/her name and a contact number to [email protected]

More information about teen assistance can be found on the Cardinals website at

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. We are looking forward to a great season.

Sara Finkelstein, Stella Ginley and Millie Monterubio


Missed Job Fines:

First time is $50

Second time is an additional $100

Third time is an additional $150

Fourth time is an additional $200