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River Run Raptors Update - May 25th - Preseason checklist, practice times, upcoming dates to know!

Jennifer Buedel

River Run Raptors Update - May 25th 

Hi Raptors! Our season start is only a few days away! For those new to the team, I KNOW there is a lot of information coming at you right now and it can be a little overwhelming, especially in the busy end month of May! It will slow down very soon - don't worry!! 

I have attached a PRE-SEASON CHECKLIST  in the following link:  /recnbrrril/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/raptors-swim-team-pre-season-checklist_045866.pdf (also accessible in the News section of the website) to help make the navigation a little easier. 


Afternoon Practices Start This Tuesday:  We will offer AFTERNOON practices Tues 5/28, Wed 5/29, Thu 5/30 this week and Mon 6/3, Tues 6/4, Wed 6/5 next week.  These practices will be focused on stroke technique and offered as a great warmup for the season.   We understand the end of the season is a very busy time, so make what you can!   All practices are at the River Run pool.  

8 and under swimmers: 4:45pm-5:15pm

9 and older swimmers: 5:15pm-6:00pm

There will be no practice on June 6th (enjoy celebrating the last day of school!)  -- Regular morning practices begin Friday, June 7th as posted on the website.


Practices Reminders:

  1.  Please have swimmers bring a towel, water bottle, cap/goggles (if they wear them) to practice. 
  2.  For those that wear caps/goggles, please mark the swimmers' name somewhere on them - as many look the same!  (also a good idea to have a back up set in their swim bag!)
  3. Parents may watch practice, but should remain in the areas OUTSIDE the pool fence.  
  4. Parents are not required to stay at the pool during practice times, but please make arrangements for timely drop off/pick up. 

and finally...

Weather guidelinies:

1)Thunder/Lightining - the pool is cleared for 30 min following the last lighting/thunder.  If there is thunder/lighting prior to practice, an email/text will be send out to alert you of the practice status.  If the thunder/lighting occurs during practice, swimmers will be cleared off the pool deck and brought to safety.  Again, an email/text will be sent out. 

2) Rain: We swim in the rain - the swimmers are wet anyway! Without the threat of thunder/lightining, practices are held in the rain. If you do not receive an email/text of a cancellation, you can assume practice is on!

3) Cold: Thankfully our pool is heated, so we swim in temperatures into the 60s.  We do not give an absolute temperature as factors such as wind/rain/pool temp all contribute to a decision on a colder day.   Again, an email/text will be sent out for any cancellations or practice changes.  On colder days, please remember to send your swimmer in sweatshirts, etc. - they may be just fine in the water, but the air getting out is normally very chilly!!


Time Trial - Declare swimmer availability - deadline is June 4th

  1. Click on the "Edit Commitment" tap under Time Trials
  2. Click on your swimmer's name and declare whether or not they will be at the meet.
  3. Repeat the process for any additional swimmers. 

**Swimmers will not be entered in a meet without being declared***

Remaining Swim Meets - Declare swimmer availability AT LEAST 4 days prior to the meet

  1. Follow the same process as Time Trials for each meet during the season.
  2. HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Marking all availability now to ensure you don't forget about a meet during the season! If you need to make changes, you can go back into each event and modify as necessary, up until 4 days prior to the meet.

Why do we need to sign up 4 or more days in advance?  Following sign up, coaches need time to create the lineups, including relays.  The coaches must then submit this information to the computer volunteers who set up the meet and merge the info with the opposing teams, which takes time! 


Sponsor Opportunity:  Interested in supporting the Raptors as a team sponsor or know of some who might be interested?   We offer several levels of sponsorship which include banners at swim meets and water polo games, company logos on our team shirts, and recognition on our team website and in the Raptor Reporter.   As a 401(c)3 orgainzation, all sponsorships are tax deductible.  For more infomation click the following link:  /recnbrrril/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/raptors-sponsorship-packet-2019-final_064452.pdf  or contact Jen Malinsowski (jenm710@yahoo.com) for more information.



Volunteer Sign Up -if you have not signed up for your 6 jobs, plus time trials, you will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator to finish the process

After School Practices - May 28th-May 30th; June 3rd-June 5th 

First Morning Practice - June 7th

Pep Rally - June 7th

Time Trials - June 8th

First Dual Meet vs. White Eagle - June 11th  (sign up online by June 7th)