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Raptors 2021 Update: Volunteer Sign Up, Meet Sign Up, and more!

Raptors Swimming

Hi Raptors,

Attached are 3 documents with ALOT of good stuff and important info that will hopefully answer many of your questions!  Please read carefully!  Here is a quick overview of what is included:

1) 2021 Raptors Season Important Dates and Times:  Basically, this is what it sounds like.  It includes dates and upcoming deadlines, information about our "Trunk Rally" (aka Pep Rally), Time Trials, a full meet schedule for the summer, etc!  

2)Volunteer Sign Up and Meet Sign Up Instruction Sheet:  Step by Step guide to walk you through how to sign up for your 5 volunteer jobs and how to indicate which meets you will be attending (we encourage you to make as many as you can!)

3) 2021 Raptor Volunteer Job Descriptions: To help you as sign up opens tomorrow, this is a list of the possible jobs you can select, and what is involved with each job. 


After reading through the attached documents you still have questions, please email to [email protected] for help!