River Run Raptors 

Raptors Update: Meet Deadlines, Afternoon practices, etc

Michael Buedel

 Hi Raptors!   A few reminders as we begin our season tomorrow!

1. This week we will hold our 3 afternoon practices: Tues June 1, Wed June 2, Thurs June 3.    These are optional, but a great chance to get in the water before Time Trials.  

            8 and under swimmers: 4:45pm-5:15pm

           9 and older swimmers: 5:15pm-6:00pm

2. Meet Sign Up Deadlines  - please see the attachment for details on how to sign up for meets.   **Also, we request that if you are going to miss a meet, that you go in and "decline" for that meet...this way we know you will not attend vs forgetting to commit!**

       - Time Trials Sign Up Deadline is TOMORROW (June 1st)  

       - Our first dual meet:  Cress Creek at River Run Deadline is Saturday June 5th

...deadlines come every few days, so most find it easiest to declare/decline for all at the beginning of the season - if something changes, then you can edit up until the deadline for that meet (if a swimmer needs to be pulled out of a meet after the deadline due to illness, etc...please let the coaches know so they can adjust the lineup accordingly)

3.  "TRUNK RALLY"  - June 4th from 5:30-6:30pm

    - this is our Pep Rally to kick off the year!  Please stop by to meet the team and get set for the season! 

    - this year we will be out in the grassy area just east of the River Run Park

     -Please park in the River Run Club parking lot at the back of the lot closest to the field.!

4. Concessions Donations!  Each year we request for each family to contribute a drink donation to be used in our concessions stand at meets.  Concessions is our primary way to offset swim team costs, and the drink donations contribute to this greatly!  Drink Donations can be brought to Time Trials OR the first day of morning practice!  

      Families with last names:

   A through I:  Gatorade (12 pack of 12 oz bottles)  

  J through M: Case of Sprite

 N through R: Case of Diet Coke

S through Z: Case of Coke

**For the soda, please only coke products**


5.  Quick Guide to Weather and Summer Swim Team:  

  1.    First, if a practice is going to be cancelled due to weather - a text/email will be sent out as soon as a decision is made. 
  2.    In the event of thunder/lightening, we must always be out of the pool and off the pool deck for at least 30 min from the last thunder/lightening.  
  3.    When there is no threat of thunder/lightening, we DO practice and have meets in the rain.  :)  
  4.    Cold Days?  This truly depends on the age group, the pool water temp, etc.    If there is an extreme cold day, we will send an text/email to explain the plan for that day - we may have a "Dryland" day doing games/technique work out of the pool on a day like this.  If there is practice on a chilly day, please send your swimmer with a dry towel and sweatshirt, etc to practice.

6. COVID:  As the guidelines continue to evolve, we communicate any changes.

  1. Swimmers should bring masks to practice.  Obviously they will not be worn in the pool, but during times during practice (debriefs after a meet, etc) there might be times where masks might be appropriate.   Those that feel most comfortable wearing them at all times outside the pool are of couse welcome.
  2. When swimmers arrive at practice, they will put their belongings on every other the deck chair to give each swimmer plenty of distance.  They will remain at their chair until the coaches call them over for practice to begin.
  3. PARENTS:  Please stay off of the pool deck during practice time.  You are welcome to watch from the tables set up by clubhouse (under the balcony overhang).  If you need to talk to a coach before or after practice, please wear a mask on deck.
  4.  At Meets:  Per the Naperville Swim Conference, workers will be required to wear masks.  
  5.  Spectators:  Please only be on the pool deck to watch your swimmer(s) events.  When they have finished an event, head back to the team area to allow others to have a more "socially distant" place to view their swimmers.  Masks are not required in the team area as families will have the space to spread out to their own comfort levels.

**Our goal is for all of our families to feel safe and swimming all summer! With many of our swimmers at ages where vaccines, etc are not even an option, please be considerate in complying with the current Naperville Swim Conference guidelines...as we all look forward to a day where masks and social distancing are behind us! **


As always, if you have questions...please email [email protected]!!