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Raptors - List of High School Workers (to sub at meets!)

Raptors Swimming

Hi!  Several have inquired about the possibility of a high schooler to work a volunteer job.  A list of teens, age 14 and up, that have expressed interest is in the link below.  

If you find yourself in need of a sub for your volunteer jobs, you can contact anyone on this list and arrange for them to sub for you (similar to how you would arrange a babysitter).   We often have questions about how much to pay -- approx $10/hr seems to be fairly common.

Please make sure your sub knows 1) what job you are signed up for   2) what time they need to arrive  3) WHERE the meet is (some may not be available for away meets...so please confirm).  

Click on the link below (this document will be updated as new teens are available)