River Run Raptors 

Parent Jobs

The volunteer bond deposit this season will be $900. The Raptor's Family Worker Commitment requires all families with swimmer(s) participating on the team, regardless if the swimmer(s) swim meets or not, to work 6 volunteer slots each season. Scratching out of a meet for any reason does NOT eliminate the job responsibility. Job Registration will be online from May 6th through May 27th. Once job registration closes, families without a job, or without the required number of jobs, will be assigned job(s). It will be a $50 fine per job if the Raptor's board has to assign jobs to you. If your swimmer(s) scratches from a meet for any reason  in which you were assigned to work, including illness/other, it does not eliminate your job responsibility. There will be a $100 fine per job if you do not work a scheduled job. The Raptor's Board will not find substitutes this year. Families are responsible for all aspects of hiring a substitute and facilitating payment. Payment arrangement is between the substitute worker and the hiring family. River Run Raptors Swim Team is in no way responsible for payment and/or disputes. If a substitute does not fulfill a job, you will be charged a $100 fine. 

All families with swimmers swimming in the Classic or City meet will have a job assigned to them for that particular meet while their swimmer(s) are swimming. This is a separate requirement from the 6 dual meets. We may also ask for assistance to run our time trials meet. This is a great opportunity for you to determine what job best suits your family.

Officials – This position will be overseen by the head official. You will sign up for your job separately from the volunteer sign up. We ask that if you get trained for this, you sign up for only this position. We must have 4 officials and a starter in order to run a meet. The more parents that get the training for this job, the smoother our swim meets will go. Ideally you will be asked to work 5 jobs, as the training counts as a job, and we ask that those 5 jobs are as an official at meets throughout the season that work for your schedule. However the number of jobs you will need to fulfill will be determined by the number of parents that become officials as we CANNOT run a meet without them. The benefits of this job is that you will always be by the pool and never miss your child swimming. You will recieve training on how to do this job, so no previous knowledge is necessary. Officials must attend a short pre-meet officials briefing just prior to each meet, wear a white shirt and khaki shorts, and watch the swimmers in your designated area. This position is important for many reasons, but one is to improve our swimmers. This swim team is a fun, relaxed team, but we also want our children to improve in their skills. This is one of the ways they do this.

Timers – individual stands behind each lane, ensures swimmers are in correct lane, times the swimmers (either with electronic plunger or with stopwatch), writes time on timesheet and provides completed time sheet to Runners. Timers must attend a short pre-meet timers briefing just prior to each meet.

Runners- after each heat, individual collects the times sheets and DQ cards from the Timers and delivers them to the computer area for input. 

Scorers – Individual obtains timer sheets from Runners, validates times and inputs them into the computer chairs. Individual works with Ribbons Chair to print out labels for ribbons.

Concessions Set Up/ Tear Down and Sales– – individual is responsible for setting up concession stand equipment, cashier box and food /beverage and working Concession Sales, individual takes food orders, serves food & drink, issues tickets for grill items, collects money and maintains concession stand stock, order and cleanliness for first 3 hrs of meet OR working Concession Sales for last 3 hours of event and taking down concession stand, storing concession equipment and food/beverage and delivering concessions revenue to Concession Chairperson or Treasurer.

 Concessions Grill– Individual obtains from RRR food stocks hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, buns, condiments, plate, utensils, etc, sets up two tables near grill, lights grill and prepares food.   Concession workers send customers to grill area with ticket for already purchased items.

 Floaters- individual shall fill in for volunteers unable to make their assigned volunteer positions. If floaters are not needed to fill in, the individual provides assistance and directions to visiting team and provides beverages and assistance to other volunteers working the meet. The Individual maintains order and safety at the meet. Individual shall make sure the children are staying within designated meet areas and enlist the help of parents to maintain order and provide a safe meet environment. Individual shall make sure children stay out of: indoor pool area, hot tub, locker rooms, upstairs and volleyball sand area.

Tuesday Swim meets Job Check-in Time

Non-Concessions Jobs:
Hospitality - Check-in by 4:45 PM
Marshalls (Clerk of Course), Runner, Scoring, Floaters - Check-in by 5:00 PM
Officials and Timers - Check-in by 5:00 PM & Officials/Timer Meeting at 5:15 PM

Concessions Jobs:
Concessions Early Shift - Check-in by 4:00 PM - work until 7:30 PM or Mid-meet

Grill Check-in by 4:30 PM

Concessions Late Shift - Check-in by 6:30 PM, Stay until after takedown; 15-20 min after meet

Saturday Meets - Worker Check-in Times

Non -Concessions Jobs:
Hospitality - Check-in by 7:45 AM
Marshalls (Clerk of Course), Runner, Scoring, Floaters - Check-in by 8:00 AM
Officials and Timers - Check-in by 8:00 AM & Officials/Timer Meeting at 8:15 AM

Concession Jobs
Concessions Early Shift - Check-in by 7:00 AM - work until 10:30 AM or Mid-Meet

Grill Check-in by 8:00 AM

Concessions Late Shift - Check-in by 9:00 AM, At station after 6U Backstroke - Stay until after takedown; 15-20 min after meet