Ashbourne Swim Club allows members the opportunity to have parties at our pool and invite members and non‐members. It’s a great way to show off the pool and a great place to have a party.

If you are interested in having a party at the pool, please fill out the form below and email it to [email protected]:

Ashbourne Swim Club Party Form

In order to try to eliminate any confusion, the following rules will be enforced for parties:

  • The party reservation form must be provided to the pool manager 2 weeks prior to the party.
    • The party must be approved by the Manager or a Board member.
  • A guest list of all attendees (members and non‐members) must be handed in 1 week prior to the party along with a 50% deposit.
    • Failure to provide a guest list will result in cancellation of the party.
    • Deposit is non‐refundable if party is cancelled within 24 hours of the party.
    • There is a 25 non‐member guest limit.
  • Parties will have a 4 hour time limit.  ALL NON MEMBER GUESTS MUST LEAVE THE POOL GROUNDS AT THE PARTY END TIME.  You will be provided access to your party area one hour before the start of your party.
  • Party must be held during regular pool hours.
  • There will be no admittance prior to opening and all parties must end 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • Members cannot sponsor parties for non‐members.
  • The member who requested the party MUST remain on property during the entire party.
  • Member is responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to all of the club rules.
  • Any guest not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the grounds and the party may be terminated.
  • Member must be current with membership dues to request a party.
  • No parties will be booked on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend and July 4th . Other dates may be added at the Board’s discretion.
  • Payment for the party is due by cash or check prior to the completion of the party.
  • Failure to pay will prohibit booking any future parties and may result in membership termination.
  • Member is responsible for ensuring party area is free of trash after the party.

The Board and the manager have discretion as to what parties are allowed based on factors, such as, but not limited to, purpose, size, staffing, and availability of space. Closure of the pool due to inclement weather or other event is at the discretion of the Manager or Board Member. If your party is canceled due to weather, every effort will be made to reschedule at an agreeable date and time