Weekly Update - Week 2

Ashbourne Swim Club

Hello Members!!

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Fun Facts

Severe Weather Policy - Given the weather we had Sunday, we thought it would be a good time to make you aware of the policy.  Everyone must be out of the pool and off the lower deck after the first sound of thunder OR first sight of lightning and remain out for 20 minutes for thunder and 30 minutes for lightning.  That clock restarts with the next occurance of either.  Members should also be outside the ring of blue dolphins around the baby pool.  The manager or guard staff has the final say on when safe usage of the pool may resume.  You are welcome to stay at the pool and ride out any storm but we ask that you take cover.

Baby Pool - The baby pool is intended for use by young swimmers (6 and under) with responsible adult supervision.

Snack Bar Cash Cards
We are going to try something new this year based on a suggestion by our Membership Committee and by our manager, Brendan.  For $20 you can buy a Snack Bar Card to be used to purchase snack bar items only.  Our friendly guards will punch the card equal to what is purchased.  When the card is used up, you can buy another one.  The card is loaded with $22 so you save $2 which is the equivalent of 65% of a Choco Taco.  Hopefully this helps parents by not needing to have cash all the time.  You can buy them at the front desk starting Saturday.  We accept cash or check for the card.

Swim Team
Practice has started but it's not too late to join.  Please email the swim team at [email protected] or attend a practice or see the bulletin board at the pool for info or see the website for more info.  Click Here --> Swim Team Page

We are now open full time starting Saturday June 8 from noon to 9:00!

Special Events
Tube Night - Saturday June 1 from 6:00-7:30 PM
BYORST!  Bring your own reasonably sized tube.  For safety purposes, the guards need to be able to see the bottom of the pool, so if your tube is too big or potentially dangerous, you may be asked to not use it.  Check with a guard or the manager before hand.

Swim Team

All Scheduling is subject to change due to weather
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